Mookie recap

Payback is a bitch.

I took out two players with suckouts: Ryan from Absinthetics when I called his all in with only a gutshot and a case of the awfukkits (hit runner-runner flush, and I honest to god feel bad about it), and A10419 with a hand I don't remember, but am sure it felt fugly to be on the receiving end.

I'm 10 of 28, when the poker gods wake up, check their stats, and after much discussion decide that this cannot be allowed to continue.

The next had they give me KK....clever poker gods. Bastards that they are, they know that high pocket pairs excite me, intrigue me. It's just Waffles and I in the pot, and the flop comes absolute crap, so my level of excitement merges with confidence to form a heady brew of intoxicating delight. I am SO taking this down.

I bet a decent amount; but what's this? Waffles re-raising me? I put him on a pocket pair...if he had a set he'd torture me a bit while reeling me in...he knows my fishy ways of falling for the handsome strangers known as TP.

So I call and am all in. And as soon as my finger raises from the mouse button I am sent a vision of the next card a split second before it turns. A ten. NOW he has his damn set. (Dear precognition...a bit MORE notice next time would be say BEFORE I click the mouse button, hmmm?).

So, dear Ryan and A10419, rest easy in the knowledge that she that lives by the suckout, dies by the suckout.

And at the hands of Waffles no less.

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