I haven't seen the sun in days....

Sorry for that last post. Don't know what came over me. Oh yeah, I remember now, out in 50th of 50.


But like me dad always told me, you have to get back up on the horse. Or was it a bicycle he was talking about? I forget. Reminds me of that bit from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:
Arthur Dent: It's times like there I wish I'd listened to what my mother said when I was little.
Ford Prefect: Why what did your mother say when you were little?
Arthur Dent: I don't know - I wasn't listening!
Ooof...what was I talking about?? Oh yeah ... pokering on in the face of bad cards, variance, bad beats, idiots, distractions, bad moods, beer buzzes and other general sillinesses.

Tonight there is not ONE, not TWO, but THREE ways for you take chips from me *grin.

First we have CC's Bash at 9 EST on PokerStars:

Then we have the last DADI at 9:00 ET on Full Tilt. I (normally) kick ass in 6-handed games so I'm definitely going to be there too. (Sidenote: what week for doors closing in the poker blogosphere, eh? No wonder I'm so depressed.)

And lastly we have the WWdN:Not at 9:30 CT (that's 10:30 ET) to round out the evening:

See y'all there. Please, be kind. Or you might read about me in the papers tomorrow *grin.

4 Responses to “I haven't seen the sun in days....”

  1. # Blogger TripJax

    No shortage of tourneys tonight. For the record, DADI starts at 9pm methinks. See you there!

    I love that movie quote by the way...  

  2. # Blogger Love_elf

    Kat - I have to tell you: reading your blog and your comments while playing crack me UP!!

    I laughed out loud when I read your comment about "pokering on in the face of bad cards, variance, bad beats, idiots, distractions, bad moods, beer buzzes and other general sillinesses."

    I feel that way every time I play!! Thanks for cheering me up and reminding me that I'm not the only one that feels that way!

    Poker on, girlie...  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    Alright Kat. I had told myself I wasn't going to play tonight. But then you go and remind me that there's about 40 tournaments going on (you forgot the donk2shark, but that's outside our cliquey blogsphere and in another cliquey blogsphere entirely). I shall endeavour to play in the DADI, and only because it's on FT and I still have some bucks over there. CC will have to wait.  

  4. # Blogger Irongirl01

    Hey Now Kat. Im not going to be able to make the December gathering this year but will be there with bells on next summer!! Counting the days and chips.

    Definitely be up for Toronto Action in February. A couple of my Poker Analysis forum mates are up there too would love to see them before Vegas.  

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