it's a day :-|

There are days, and there are days.

From the moment I got out of bed and immediately stepped in cold cat puke, I knew it was going to be one of *those* days. This was immediately followed by:
  • ran out of hot water in the shower, with a full head of shampoo lather
  • turned on the wrong burner so the water didn't boil for my coffee
  • dropped my toothbrush in the toilet
  • forgot my lunch on the counter
  • tripped over Hunny Bunny's roadcase that he left in the hall. My big toe still throbs.
  • missed my bus by this --> <-- much
  • got on the next bus to realize I also forgot my bus tickets on the counter beside my lunch (thank you to the kind man who gave me his extra ticket)
  • actually found a seat, settled in, put in the earbuds and prepared to fire up the Social Distortion mp3's (that always improves my mood) only to discover the mp3 player is dead. Forced to listen to like the like totally like loud teenage ummmm girls in the like umm seat ahead of me, like ok?
  • got to school LATE and couldn't sneak in as BOTH principals were at the door
  • fired up my laptop to print off my newly finished article on gender biases in technology education (dry as a Triscuit cracker, and promised for today) only to discover that the file transfer from desktop to laptop didn't happen
And this was all by 9 am. It's going to be a looooong day.

Hope yours is better ....

5 Responses to “it's a day :-|”

  1. # Blogger HighOnPoker

    Life variance sucks.  

  2. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Awww pooor Kitty.. but if your gonna puke on the floor the night before you might step in it! heh. Hope you day doesnt get worse.  

  3. # Blogger katitude

    J - life variance...i like that

    Waffles - I said Cat puke, not Kat puke *grin. and had improved slightly until I was notified of a staff meeting where I'm supposed to present my oh-so-dry article.


  4. # Blogger Jules

    Hope things are getting better for you and that the evening has improved upon the day.


  5. # Blogger Joanne1111

    Just think, you had your Friday the 13th early. Tomorrow should be a breeze for ya.  

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