A cold, a day in, and the MATH...aka a day in the life...aka general chit chat

Due to a head cold (pronounced hed code) I was unable to go and hang out with my poker/knitting pal Tawny and her husband Taylor yesterday as planned. I was looking forward to spending a lazy Thanksgiving hanging out with them in the sunshine finishing the Sweater From Hell, but since she just had jaw surgery I didn't think she'd love me anymore if I made her sneeze and cough. Tawny, so glad that all went well! :-)

Hunny Bunny made a lightening raid home, getting in Monday at 1am and back to the airport for 11am. I'm looking forward to Wednesday when he gets back, so I can actully spend more than 2 waking hours with him.

After he left, I goofed off for a while on Stars, and found that if I can knit something simple (ie. no thought required) while playing an online tournament I actually do better...hands are busy (no surfing off to hotmail, bloglines, craftster.org or channel surfing) but the mind is free to observe and analyze. I wonder how lame it would look to pull out my knitting at a live table *grin.

As I had my big Thanksgiving dinner with relatives (read: no leftovers), I made some bread (french with dried cranberries) and I cooked up a turkey breast in the slow cooker with orange juice, dried cranberries, leeks and thyme. No gravy and stuffing, but it was pretty damn tasty! I have enough for sandwiches for a week.

My afternoon was rounded out with a little bit of work (packaging concepts for a client's new business, lesson plans for the week), a hot bubble bath, and a bit of reading (Pressure Poker by DoubleA and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman which is nowhere near as good as American Gods), and then Hoy's MATH.

And I didn't too badly. Again, I picked up my needles to finish my brother's Christmas present while playing...I do believe it helped me fold. I kept the cursor over the Fold button, and it's amazing how many hands that I usually play were suddenly not good enough for me to put down the WIP (work in progress) and move the damn cursor over a half inch.

My new mantra: Fold, you idiot. Duh.

I'm pretty happy with my play. I didn't make the money as Surflexus knocked me out in 6th, but I did outlast Iakaris, Joanne and Jules. Like I've said before, I take my victories where I can these days. Note to self: get a last longer bet going next time.

I'll be missing the WWdN tonight as I'm going to the club to play a satellite for a seat at the WPT North American Championship which will be at the Fallsview Casino in a few weeks. The coolest part about this is Hunny Bunny is paying for the satellite, and any $ won is to go to my bankroll. How freaking awesome is he??? (and yes, I'm perfectly aware of just how slim my chances are of winning any coin. So is he, but his faith in me is heartening.)

5 Responses to “A cold, a day in, and the MATH...aka a day in the life...aka general chit chat”

  1. # Blogger Joanne1111

    Gl in the satellite today!  

  2. # Blogger Pokerwolf

    Take those needles to the satellite! I've heard of people crocheting before, so why the hell not?

    Besides, if the clicking tilts your opponents, it's a win-win situation!

    Give 'em hell at the satellite!  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    Ah, making the run after all, eh? I'm still debating. Guess I should figure that out before Thursday. Maybe if I'm not completely wiped tonight (3 hours of sleep), and my plans fall through, I'll wander over.

    Bring the knitting! I'd LOVE to see the look on everyone's face when you pull out a scarf or something.

    Regardless, I'll be at the club tomorrow.  

  4. # Blogger Tawny

    Thanks for the mention Kat - hope you are feeling better. As soon as you take care of your cold, feel free to come on by :).  

  5. # Blogger Jay

    Wow, you keep yourself insanely occupied!  

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