No clue what to call this post - am far too tired to be clever, something that requires a lot of effort even on a good day.

Spent the day in meetings at school throwing about words like "curriculum" and "pedagogy" and "assessment" and "mission statement". I despise meetings - what a fabulous way to end my summer off. I look at meetings as big chunks of my time that I'm never getting back, rather like the time spent waiting for Dell customer support. It's all talk with no action; which equals, you guessed it, NOTHING. Thank god I installed the wireless network at school - now I can goof off and check email while looking like I am studiously taking notes.

So after six hours of listening to women go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on (sense a theme there?) , I was able to escape and head downtown to meet up with Guin and Astin for the Wednesday night freezeout tourney at our local underground poker room. I did ok in the tourney, and made final table for the third time out of four tries. However today I just barely made it. Just got seated when I see TT...cool! Raise all in with my paltry 3500, and chip leader quickly calls me. Great. He reveals his own pocket pair, aces no less, and the board does not give me a set so I'm out.

I join Guin and Astin at the 1/2 NLHE game. Astin's been out of the tourney for a while and when I sit down beside him I can hardly see of the fortress-like wall of chips he has amassed around him. To say he's looking a wee bit smug is an understatement.

And here the gods smile on me. Within 5 hands I've hit a set of 7's, a set of Q's and trip K's. Wheee...I'm up over $200! My love of poker has been fully restored.

I experience le morte des cartes for the next hour or so; I make a few forays into to the pot but nothing holds up post flop. I do lose a fair chunk on one hand - the Hammer.

Now it's not as bad as you think. I was in BB and no one raised so what the hell, I checked it down. Flop comes 7 2 Q rainbow, and there are 4 people in the hand. I check (because to be quite honest, I didn't see the 7 due to the glare on the cards and the fact that I was too vain to put on my glasses tonight), next guy checks, middle position goes all in for $53, buddy beside him calls, and since I've now seen the 7, I call before he's even started reaching for his chips. The other guy folds, and the two players in the pot with me are wondering what the hell I have. Both buddy and I check down the turn and river, he flips over 7Q beating my 72. The original guy who went all in doesn't even show.

In retrospect, I think I could have won this even though it's a hammer play with non-bloggers. I should have paid more attention to the flop and made sure I saw the cards before I acted (well, duh), and I think now that checking down the rest of the hand was a mistake. Buddy was visibly worried about what I had...I think if I'd bet something decent post flop he'd have folded (I had gotten a reputation as queen of three). Thoughts?

I managed to not tilt, and played another few orbits but was getting tired. Time to go. Cash out, don the leathers, say g'bye to everyone and head downstairs.

Fuck. Fuckityfuckfuck. Which if you say it with a growl sounds a lot like the bike as it's trying to turn over. Great. Bike won't start. The battery has been acting sluggish since the trip, and I kept forgetting to put it on the charger. It's this --> <-- far away from being completely dead, and since it's parked on a busy downtown street, no way am I going to try and bump start it. I put in a call to CAA, who come and hoist poor Chaos Kitty in a sling tow truck. Of course everyone on said busy thoroughfare needs to stop and take a look and/or make a comment. Sigh. So embarassing.

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