Downtown Poker

I know it's going to be a good night when I'm just sitting at the poker club, flipping through an old copy of Canadian Poker Player waiting for the action to start, and this cute guy walks up to me and says "Hey, you must be Kat".

Yes. Yes I am. PurrrRRRRrrRRRRrrRRrrr.

As soon as I saw him, I knew I'd met Astin before at one of the Dyslexicon meetups - it's pretty cool to reconnect with someone and catch up after a few years have gone by.

Guin and his pals showed up, and the tourney started shortly after. I got put on a table with a major distraction - seated to my immediate left is the kind of guy that makes my hormones spike (insert sly smile and shiver here). Adding to the layout is a guy so cool and confident he's reading a magazine in between hands, an uber-aggressive Asian, and a few other tight aggressive guys. It was 3 orbits before we even saw a river; apparently it was the Blind Stealing tournament. Wish I'd have known.

I did not do well...I do believe I was out first. I hate that. Out kicked. Let's just chalk it up to too much caffeine and not enough sense. So what else is new.

So I chilled and joined the cash game when it started. It was nicely shorthanded (which I love), and when my Queen paired on the board I pushed. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Out kicked AGAIN dammit! Waffles, you don't have to say a word..I know, I know.

Fuck. So off I went to the bank machine on the corned, stomping off the tilt and muttering to myself so loudly that even the transients in the park got out of my way. By the time I got back to the club I was in the state I should have been when I first got there - focussed and calm.

And I kicked some ass. I collected several decent pots from Guin's friends, and finished one off when he went all in when his flush rivered. Unfortunately for him, my full house had been made on the turn.

There was another full house episode that took a big chunk of change from in front of me - Crossword Puzzle guy made a boat with 9's over 5's to my boat of 8's over 9's. Sigh.

It was a very successful night; I got to meet Astin, hang with Guin (who WON the tourney btw...congrats man!!), walk out of the place up $80 on the night, and drink some very good beer with friends after. Even the ride home with the WORST cabbie in Toronto (wrong way down a one-way street, and that was just the beginning) couldn't take the edge off.

Of course I'm too wired to sleep and too drunk to play poker (learned my expensive lesson on that one already tyvm), so what's a girl to do at 1am?

Bug her friends on the girlie chat thing of course *grin. Thanks to Iggy and Iakaris for reading and replying to my rambling. And congrats to the Supermodel for again placing very well in the FT 20k guaranteed!!!

À bientôt, mes amis!

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  1. # Blogger Guin

    That was a super night for us at the club.... I am sure that we will do it up right again. Remember that you are more than welcome to join my crazy buddies prior to the event for a bevvy or two... or four. They like the extra company that actually does something good for society.

    Strange how I managed to turn some luck against Astin into a big win in the tournament. Now if I could just stack him online my week would be complete.  

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