Thursday night / friday morning

It's 2:40 am, and I'm sipping on yet another celebratory glass of Maudite (it's pronounced moe-dzie, and means the damned one en francais), a lovely red ale that at 8% acl. will set you on your ass if you're not careful. I'm a bit wired and feeling a little bit like a kid who's all ready to go, but nobody can come out to play. Of course they can''s almost three of a Friday morning. All the sane people have gone to bed because they have to work tomorrow morning. I'm almost ready for school again, if only to get back to regular hours. Almost.

I'm celebrating because it has been a very good day, poker-wise. I placed well in a couple of SnG's, but better yet I placed second in the WWdN:Not tonight. Many thanks again to Darval for setting it up!

And it's not just the second that is cause for celebration in my mind - I'm really very happy with how I played. I waited for the cards, I played my postion (mostly) and ran some very successful bluffs. I held my own against some pretty kick ass players, and managed to survive having Iakaris' pal Rav seated to my left. Holy cats, that guy is good....fearlessly aggressive but not stupidly aggressive. I need to watch him play, and take notes.

I ended up HU with slb having a serious chip lead. I made some headways, but in the end pocket fives did not hold against trip Q's. Duh. So out second, which means that next Thursday is WWdN Not: Katitude Invitational. Would that I could be there *grin.

4 Responses to “Thursday night / friday morning”

  1. # Blogger slb159

    Great work Kat...been watching you a lot lately and your game has been most impressive. I was not lying when I posted about being scared shitless when being heads-up against you. Thankfully, things worked out for me and maybe we can get there again sometime soon. Again, my pleasure. Best of luck.  

  2. # Blogger Rick

    Maudite - now that is a beer I have not thought about since I lived in Quebec. Enjoy (although it does kinda sneak up on you)!

    Great game - I wish I could have been there playing instead of on the rail. But then I can't blame anyone else for that.

    Rick (aka darval)  

  3. # Blogger Raveen

    Hey kat u played really well last night too bad u didnt take it down though i fed SLB a huge chip lead anywyas....good job though  

  4. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy for you Kat! I wish I was there to rail you.  

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