an open letter (non poker content ahead)

Dear Blondie;

Long time fan (29 years actually), first time writer.

I've always enjoyed your music; yours was the one band I can truly say I've "grown up" with. From the ever-so-bitchy "Rip Her To Shreds" that coincided with my ever-so-bitchy youth to the latest efforts that dabbled in diverse genres like jazz, classical, reggae and hiphop that echoed periods of my life where I dabbled in different genres.

And as someone who has also lived the last 29 years with many ups and downs, I truly understand that as one ages, the word "compromise" no longer has such a violent knee-jerk reaction as it once did. Things change, tastes and attitudes change. The need to eat and pay bills becomes much more important than principles. So I do get why y'all have "sold out", and licensed songs to the Evil Advertising and Marketing Guild.


Why that song?!?!?! The song that pretty much defined a summer for me, the one that even after 2+ decades can still bring back those memories as fresh as if I had just done those stupid, silly things yesterday? The summer where I woke up and found me under all the layers of "good girl"-isms and acceptable group behaviours?

God, and for a CLEANING PRODUCT of all things.... talk about a double slap in the face.

So now I have to mute the commercial as fast as I can; I will not allow you to bastardize these memories for me, to overlay the meaning this song has for me with images of a happy, stunned woman deriving idiotic joy from cleaning. CLEANING! OMFG, as if punks ever really cared about tidiness!

And to the fine people of Swiffer...nice try but this is me backlashing. I have just tossed out all your products. And I will never buy your product again. Ever.

And please, feel free to pass this on to Iggy Pop ("Lust for Life" is pimping a cruise ship line), the holders of the Clash catalogue ("London Calling" pimping Jaguars) and the Evil Advertising and Marketing Guild.

Bite me, you fuckers.

4 Responses to “an open letter (non poker content ahead)”

  1. # Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

    Let's not forget good ol' Led Zeppelin for allowing "Rock N Roll" to be used to pimp freaking Cadillacs of all things. I'm still disgusted beyond belief every time I hear them on the television or the radio. Who is making the decisions with respect to these classic pieces of time-honored music? I just don't get it.  

  2. # Blogger DuggleBogey

    All the music from our youth that used to be so "counter-culture" eventually became mainstream.

    And then all those artists lost all their money through bad management and drug problems, so the eventual sell-out was an inevitability.

    That's life in the world of pop-culture.  

  3. # Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy

    Such Anger.  

  4. # Blogger Graham
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