First of all, congratulations to Surflexus for winning the Mookie back-to-back last night!

I'm not really sure why I even bothered to play it. Had a root canal done yesterday afternoon and after a quick SnG with Weak on FT, I slept fitfully until 9:45 just before the Mookie start time of 10.

Let's just say I was not feeling my best (damn, lying dentist.."oh, you don't need a prescription for anything, Tylenol's should be fine", I should have insisted). I could barely focus and I'm sure I was incoherent in the voice chat with Sox and Weak. Yet somehow through strategic folding I managed to last past the first break, finishing 22nd.

I know that everyone goes through this (well I'm pretty sure anyway), but I'm having some moments of serious self-doubt. Since winning the Mookie twice in a row a month or so ago, and placing ITM in some pretty big tournaments, I was letting myself believe that yes, perhaps I do know what I'm doing and can win pretty consistently.

What ego.

Yes I do know what I'm doing, sorta kinda mostly, but the winning consistently part of that paragraph continues to elude me. The stars aren't aligned, the pantheon of poker deities have turned their attention elsewhere, the dealer hates me, I have a clueless moment: out of all of them the last is the most usual.

Not that I think I'm playing stupidly... yes there are hands when I act stupidly, but those are getting fewer and fewer all the time.

My enemy is time. I have a short attention span. I want what I want and I want it now. If I got paid by the amount of times someone, somewhere has said "Patience" to me during my life, well, let's just say I wouldn't have to worry about my retirement fund *grin.

4 Responses to “Falling....”

  1. # Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

    Kat, even a modest dominator like you is not going to perform 100% well 100% of the time. Not in this game anyways. You can play great poker and you'll still go through horrendous streaks just from luck of the cards. One of the things I actually love about poker specifically is that your game will change on you over time if you're not extremely disciplined about it at all times. And then part of the fun is getting your game back where it needs to be. You will get there of course.

    Let's do an sng again soon. I will funnel you some Hoyazo (the MTT kind of Hoyazo, not the blogger tournament Hoyazo recently) and you'll get back on track.  

  2. # Blogger mookie99

    Hang in there, it won't be long before I have to come up a "Kat" related tourney name...again.  

  3. # Blogger surflexus

    thanks Kat!!  

  4. # Blogger FatBaldGuy

    I have had 5 root canals; you have my sympathy. I have insisted on Valium before each one and have never been refused, even when I lived in England and was on National Health. One time was even intra-venous. And of course a Valium or two for after. I am not normally one who needs pain meds, but dental pain is a whole 'nother issue.  

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