Mostly FUN!

Went to Taylor and Tawny's place last night for a poker party, where I learned several new things ('coz like me dad always used to say, a day you don't learn something is a day wasted)...

  1. poker and chocolate martinis don't mix. Or rather they mix far too well. The jury is still out on that one.

  2. chocolate chips are yummy when added to chocolate martinis.

  3. I really don't mind losing when I'm having fun

  4. I'm really getting a bit old for the frat mentality. Honestly guys....hard core porn playing cards?? Funny for about 2.5 seconds; after that it's sad, lame and annoying as hell for those of us who are 1) female and/or 2) older than 25.

  5. Having watched Taylor react to pulp while drinking his rum-and-pineapple-juice, I will NEVER be intimidated by him again (dude, I'm giggling everytime I think of it!)

  6. I'm still not sure how many people live inside of Geo's head, but they are all wildly entertaining! Thanks for the ride there, and babes - YOU ROCK!

  7. as much as I'd like to, I can never get drunk enough to let down my inhibitions enough to sing Karaoke. And that's funny, because lord knows I have no problems with soooo many other things, but singing in front of can do. Sorry guys. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you not singing "I got You Babe"

  8. Strawberry vanilla swirly shooters are really about this --> <-- close to being pure evil.

  9. Tawny is awesome. Her poise and good cheer in all situations is amazing. I'd like to learn how do to that, but I don't think I can be anything but scary anymore *grin.

  10. Hunny Bunny is awesome. Well I didn't really learn that yesterday, but the man continually surprises me. I must have done something really, really good in a past life, because I have done nothing in this one to deserve such a cool guy.

Oh, poker? I lost. Both games. But I was among friends and surrounded by laughter, so really, I think I won.

4 Responses to “Mostly FUN!”

  1. # Blogger Jules

    Okay, I LOVE your honey bunny. I really do. I think I love him more than 3/4 of the lovers I have had.

    BUT - he did something amazing in a past life to deserve YOU.  

  2. # Blogger Tawny

    Thanks for the kind words - but not sure I had "poise and good cheer" during that second game - I was downright GRUMPY :).

    I'm SO glad you came, I very much appreciated not being the only female at the table :).

    I guess the question is, will you be coming for the next one?? :)  

  3. # Blogger katitude

    Just TRY and keep me away!!!!!!! But next time I'll get the toffee/vanilla swirly shooters instead!  

  4. # Blogger Veneno

    Wouldn't it be fun to see how the guys react to playing with cards of nude guys?..How long would they last?  

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