Saturday with Dr Pauly #3

Well this is just peachy....I've got SirF, HermWarfare and gary634 at my table, all who have kicked my butt before. * should be interesting if nothing else.

Is that a cold wind I feel blowing off my cards? The best hand was a big slick, and everyone ran as soon as I raised 2x the bb. I'm developing too strong a rleationship with my fold button.

won my first hand, and took out gary in the process. made the pair of kings on the turn. thank you o, great and mighty poker gods.

ace high str8. oh my, i'm feeling faint, *grin.

Compliments on my blog....SirF and Trump, y'all will turn a girl's head (said in a fake southern belle drawl)

dammit. chickened out. flush draw and straight draw and buddy to my right raises enough to put me all in. after long deliberation (well, more like 4 seconds) i decided to not see what buddy had. I'm about 80% certain that he had crap, but I'm also 100% certain that the river would not have gone my way. Better to fold and continue to annoy people.

short stacked and stressing. had good hands but forgot about factoring in the fact that I'm IN THE BLINDS. QA sOOted, all in in SB (not that impressive really, only 615 in chips), and OF COURSE he has QQ.

My dreams of leaderboard domination and winning the iPod are becoming more and more distant. Laughable, really.

So I'm done, had my $10 worth of fun. So do I keep playing poker, or (gasp) work? Sigh. Time to get crackin' on those client sties AND my marking. Sigh. I hate it when that responsible adult shit gets in the way of me having fun....

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  1. # Blogger Jules

    The poker goddess finally decided to be nice...  

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