Saturday with Dr. Pauly & Sitter Outters

K, here's the updated ipod leaderboard. As you can see, my standing is currently at a humble 31st. I'm concluding by this that my 4th place finish in the first game was a sheer fluke (note to self; play hungover next week, since the well-rested-and-healthy strategy doesn't seem to work). And while I have no chance at the ipod now, I'm still going to play, because there are very few other ways to have THIS much fun for only 10 bucks while still in your PJ's and home alone. (SirF, feel free to comment on this however you see fit *wicked grin).

Now, I don't want this to sound like sour grapes, because it isn't ... more like an observational comment. But it does kind of bug me that RickLang who sat out for the whole game, still managed to advance in the standings. Now I'm the first one to understand when real life takes you away from the computer; and while I jest about the guy who sits out does better than me, I do realize that I fully deserved the 54th place I ended up with. And I understand that the only way to monitor this is to add work to Dr. Pauly, who is already doing a lot. But it really burns my ass a bit to see no-shows bump good players (a group that does not include me, alas) who are there for the whole painful process.

Just my two cents (or 1.32 cents CDN) worth. An immutable fact of life is that it's often unfair, but that doesn't mean I can't bitch about it. Why? Coz bitching makes me feel better.

I bitch, therefore I am. Pffft.

1 Responses to “Saturday with Dr. Pauly & Sitter Outters”

  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Great post.. next time describe the PJ's though.. lol.

    I beleive I took you out.. sorry.. I really like playing you and your PJ's.. Better luck next week..

    I am going to try and win the iPod.. even though, several people are WAY ahead of me, and I do not really need an iPod..  

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