Stars in my eyes, or, Playing in Poker Stars' Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

Yes, I will freely admit it. When I play in blogger tournaments on Poker Stars, I do have stars in my eyes to some degree. I mean, here are people whose blogs I've read regularly, who's insights on poker have helped me and my game far more than the big pros on TV. And then there's me, poker newbie, rubbing virtual elbows with them. I gleefully fork over the $11 entry fee to play in Wil's Friday night game, and stuck post-it note reminders all over my computer when I read on a Chick and a Chair about Dr. Pauly's Saturday tourney.

So there I was at 1pm on Sat, more than just a little hungover (another night out with Su and Andrea, 'nuff said), had some chillin' techno from Groove Salad on the iTunes radio, clad in pj's and firmly ensconced on the couch with plenty of advil and soda water close at hand. (Sidenote: I LOVE wireless internet! I could NOT have sat upright for that length of time!). I was ready. ish.

And then the next hour was a complete and total blur. Either the pantheon of poker gods and goddesses smiled on me, or I should play hungover more often. I couldn't think about the cards too much coz it hurt dammit; so I was flying on instinct through much of it. All I know was I looked at the lobby sometime after first break to see MY NAME at the top. And somehow managed to stay there until final table.

Caught some good cards, but when it mattered most someone (i think it was gary, or it might have been bob) had better and took a big bite out of my stack. The wind was out of my sails, and I managed to stay in until 4th. Honestly, I usually remember more of my game that this, especially good games, but I'd say my brain was fuzzy well into Sunday morning (yes J, it was that good a night *wicked grin).


  1. Thank you, thank you Joanne, for your article about online tournaments and the zen of folding. Fucking brilliant, light-bulb-going-on-over-the-head kind of stuff.
  2. I love the social aspect of the game; winning the cash for fourth was great, but even better was the fun of the game, the chat, etc. Even though I didn't know anyone on, everyone was still supportive. I loved playing on UB for all those hours and hours, and made some great pals, but it didn't help my game. Moving to PS and concentrating on the play has helped immensely....but I still do miss the camaraderie, and got a taste of that back on Saturday - thanks guys!
  3. Is it a chick thing, the oh-my-gosh-i'm-soooooo-sorry feeling when you win a pot just because the cards went the way they did? Like it's my "fault" (not the right word, but the correct one escapes me) and I should give the chips back. Not that I would, mind you. I know that I got a few chips from TNspaceman, when the turn and river went my way. It's an odd feeling...already starting to type in good game and goodbye to everyone and then realizing that you've won the pot. And then actually thinking "oh, shit" because I'm empathizing with the opponent so much.
  4. It's a good thing that the game was online; and not just because I wanted to stay in my pjs. I definitely need to go play live more as I'm pretty sure that jumping up and down and yelling "yipppeeeee skipppeeeeeee" is a pretty big damn tell.
  5. I love, love, love poker. There are moments on the bike, when there's a unexpected vista down a hidden road or when i hit some curves *just* right, and all I can say is BIG FUN when the helmet comes off. Poker is BIG FUN most of the time for me.
  6. No matter how old I am, no matter how much of a jaded, cynical fuck I think I am, I still get a charge out of seeing my name in print. Thanks *grin.

See y'all next Saturday!

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  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Good game! See you next week. Hopefully we both make the final table again!  

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