WWdN Where's my Burrito Invitational

Was cruising through Wil Wheaton's blog yesterday (yeah I KNOW I should have been teaching, but the little horrors were doing a test) and saw mention of his invitational blogger tourney...thought about it for like, umm, 3 nanoseconds, then signed up. Figured, hey, even though it starts at 4, I can slide out of work slightly early and should get home just before it starts.
Well, of course, the bus was late, and by the time I logged in it had been playing for a half hour already. Got to my "table", clicked the I'm Back button just in time to be dealt pocket rockets. Yippeee. Bet 'em high, 4x the big blind, not so high that ppl folded, one taker. flop saw another ace surrounded by rags. I checked (wanted to see if he had anything), buddy bet high. Chances of him having the other 2 aces are slim to none, so I put him on KK. I call, turn is a 10. I go all in, he ponders for about 10 seconds (an eternity on line) then calls. And yes, he does have KK - yay!
next hand, believe it or not, pocket aces again! Play it the same way, no trips this time, but I still win with top pair.
I then proceed to win the next 12 hands through a combination of playing good cards, bluffing well with bad cards and blatant pot stealing/buying. Luckily I was able to tell when the poker gods decided to stop smiling on me *quite* so well, and stayed within the top quarter placement for the next 2 hours.
But you're thinking, if that's the case, then why did you bust out at 29th of 96? Two words. Full House.
Pocket Tens, after the pre-flop betting only myself and one other player left, his stack is about the same size as mine. Pre-flop betting wasn't super aggressive, so when the flop came K 3 K, and he called me at only 3x the BB, so I put him on a mid pair like me and called. Turn came, a 10...full house to me. I bet at 5x the BB, seeing what he had, he only called again. Ok. River came crap, I went all in. He called me, I'm thinking come to me you wonderful chippies....cards turn...doesn't he have K 10??? Crap...my boat 10's over kings taken by his boat kings over 10's. Much commiseration at the table, but that's poker. And at least I went out *after* Wil and Dr. Pauly (I take my victories where I can!) *grin.

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