jsut HOW many flushes and straights can a girl fold in one night??!?!

nuff said.

6 Responses to “jsut HOW many flushes and straights can a girl fold in one night??!?!”

  1. # Blogger Graham

    Simple solution..see every flop. Here's some advice: if the cards are suited, they can become a flush; if they re connected or only have three gaps, they can become a straight. Ergo, play these hands and you won't have this issue ever again.

    One downside to this particular style of play, is you will drop your entire bankroll in one night. But, you'll never fold a flush or straight again.

    Your call!  

  2. # Blogger katitude

    G, i really struggled with how to respond to this one. I'm just going to leave it at...I'm the original flophead. I hate folding. The kat curiousity forces me to see the cards whenever possible. Trust me when I say on this day, it was the turn and river cards that made it. And I'm not so stupid as to chase that far quite that often ... dogs chase all the time, not kats *wicked grin.  

  3. # Blogger Graham

    Kat, I was in a very facetious mood when I made that above comment. When it comes to chasing draws, I look at pot odds - in limit it is easy and I make no decision, the pot odds make it for me. As you know, in NL it is a lot harder to calculate the pot odds + implied odds, and also a hell of a lot more frustrating when you fold and then the nuts hits on the turn and the pot becomes monster.

    You may wanna try my method of avoiding the problem you had of hitting your draws after folding - when I make a big fold like that I pray to the poker gods and the dealer - "don't do it to me dealer, do not lay down that 3-outer... PRAY PRAY PRAY".

    I have also been known to actually walk away from the table rather than see my monter draw hit...  

  4. # Blogger katitude

    LOL...poker can be called my new religion, and as a devout follower I pray on a REGULAR basis..hell, if I thought it would help I'd make regular sacrifices too....hmmmm......  

  5. # Blogger Jules

    Sacrifices? I have some suggestions on folks who would be appropriate if you are looking for the human variety!  

  6. # Blogger katitude

    Oh, the list is looooooong...we'd be on a winning streak for years!  

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