Assumptions and Poker

People make 'em all the time, and I'm no exception. You don't have enough information, or any facts at all for that matter, and therefore you make assumptions. How a person plays, what the strengths are, the weaknesses, are they having a bad day, are the poker gods laughing at them on the river over and over.
I've made assumptions about myself - my no limit game has improved immensely, therefore my limit game should be better too. Nuh uh. I had a great time playing limit with Tawny on Satuday but my game, well, let's just say I had a hundred dollars worth of fun.
I've had people make assumptions about me - I'm a woman, how could I possibly know anything about poker, ergo the comments the other day while playing online "you play pretty good for a gal" and "you know if you just (fill in the blank) then your game would (fill in the blank). (Sidenote: ok I know all about that Venus and Mars crap, how men give advice with the best of intentions...but guys, honestly, to women it sounds like yet another man trying to tell us how to do things. Unless you're ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the woman in question is firmly on the upswing of the hormone rollercoaster, keep it to yourself.)
And I make assumptions about other people. I read yet another thoughtless comment made by someone after a hand while playing online and think "doofus" or "asshole" or "yokel" or "newbie".'s what happens when you don't know the facts, and most times they'll come back to bite you on the ass.

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