"I'm too pretty to do MATH"

That's a magnet on the locker of grade 9 student. It makes me crazy every damn time I see it because:
  1. Her mother sends her to a private school that is highly academic, especially in math and science, then gives her daughter this magnet. Nice message.
  2. No one is too pretty to do math.
  3. The reason why people are thought pretty is primarily to the mathematical proportions of their face. Math is everywhere. Get used to it.
Me, I'm definitely not too pretty to do math; I was a total math geek in school, and am trying to reconnect with my inner mathaholic thanks to Sensei CK and JoBi Wan Kenobi. But sometimes I am too distracted, tired, passive, and generally clueless to do MATH which is why I went out in 49th place of 70. Congrats to 23skidoo for taking it down!

But on the other hand, BDR was funny as usual (hence the distraction part), and I did see a 50% profit in the post-MATH cash game. Which sounds really impressive until I say it was a nickel/dime blogger game with a buyin of 10 bucks.

But hey, a profit is a profit and that's certainly better than ScottMc stacking me in razz.

5 Responses to “"I'm too pretty to do MATH"”

  1. # Blogger OhCaptain

    I fear the day that someone tells my daughter that she's a girl and should like math. For now, we have fun with math. We just had a big celebration for her. They do a timed 100 problem test. Now its division. She got a 100/100 with time to spare. Big celebrations at our house.

    No one is too pretty for math.  

  2. # Blogger 23skidoo

    wee, thanks for the shout out!

    My daughters couldn't be more opposite, one actually LOVES doing word problems and math, the other one wants to be a singer....we're still working on that.  

  3. # Blogger Instant Tragedy

    Shelby absoultely loves Math and Science. I try to encourage her as much as I possibly can.

    And by the way.

    You are too pretty, for the sake of our other friends, please cut it out. :-)


  4. # Blogger KenP

    Have you considered the magnet might be tongue in cheek and she set the curve?

    You need more misdirection in your poker too... rofl  

  5. # Blogger katitude

    LOL, no Ken, I know this girl, and she is quite serious, alas.

    And yes, I do need more misdirection myself *grin  

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