The bridesmaid thing is fun...

...but I'd like to be a bride (only in this context, of course. Twice is enough.)

Skillz game - 11th
Mookie - 14th
Riverchasers - 16th

Can anyone recommend some strategies / reading for surviving the later stages of MTT's?

6 Responses to “The bridesmaid thing is fun...”

  1. # Blogger Fuel55

    1. Dont run bad
    2. Become a luckbox  

  2. # Blogger $mokkee

    1. pray Hoy, LJ and wawfuls are at ur table.
    2. catch cards.
    3. insta-fold 55  

  3. # Blogger Pokerwolf

    At that point, it's all about stealing, winning races, and picking your spots properly.

    I believe Harrington's second book has an "Endgame" strategy, if you want to review it.

    My thoughts:

    1. Steal at least once an orbit.

    2. Bet with complete air. It's a requirement. Aggression wins pots.

    3. Be willing to fire a second bullet with complete air.

    4. If you're going to go all-in, make sure you get your money into the pot first.

    5. Fuel is right that being a luckbox is a large part of final table bubble and final table play. Give it your best shot and see how it goes.  

  4. # Blogger Shrike

    Fuel is right.

    To expand on that:

    1) If you're playing to win, be willing to race for a short stack's chips. Win your fair share of them as you try to thin the field.

    2) Don't be the second player into the pot without a strong hand, unless you think you can re-steal. Late-game tourney poker is no longer about speculating, set-mining, or any of the earlier deepstack strategies you used to build a chipstack.

    3) Bluff when you think your opponents whiffed and can't call a bet with A-high unimproved or a small PP.  

  5. # Blogger Baywolfe


    Check out the link on my blog for "The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition".

    It's written by some the main Team Full Tilt people.  

  6. # Blogger Zeem


    Check this analysis of Annette_15's final table play and see if you can try some of these out maybe in some sit n go's. From my limited observance, you certainly seem to fold way too often when short-stacked late and the action has been folded to you. If I have 4-6 big blinds and it is folded around to me, I don't even look at my cards! The addition of antes further rewards aggression. Be first in and let your tight reputation buy you some chips. I am available for private lessons ...  

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