One day left

One day left in a 2 week break. I know I get no sympathy from you lot, but I've gotten very used to sleeping in to the crack of 10, stumbling around in my robe until noon (or later), and playing drunken blogger poker until 2-3 every morning.

I haven't actually looked at my To-Do list in the last two weeks, much less completed anything on it. Sigh. It might be a busy day.


I've been playing a lot of online poker the last week, and in a way I'm glad I'm going back to work and so will be forced to play less. In the last few days of playing, the Internet Equation (Anonymity + Normal person = Asshole) has been proven over and over. I've been called a whore, a kunt, a slut, a bitch, and a fat skank by stupid little boys I've taken pots off of. Mostly I try to laugh it off, or remind them that *I* am not the one calling an all in with middle pair, so STFU. But those sexist epithets are bullshit, and I'm getting tired of it.

And yeah, I KNOW there's sweet fuck all I can do about it; there will always be idiots, alas.

You should learn something new day everyday. If you're not prepared to do that, you should just stay in bed.
~ a man to his daughter
While you family people were Eastering, I headed up to Rama for some $1/$2 distraction. They opened a new table withing minutes of me arriving, and it turned out to be a most weird and challenging table of both solid players and utter donks. At one point, I'd asked for a table change thinking to find a softer and less wild table (first 4 hands had threeway all-ins!), but decided to stay and challenge myself, practicing some math and honing my powers of observation.

I only made a grand total of $7 profit for the day but I still left feeling like I was up more. It was both educational and amusing to watch the LAG to my left amass over $700 in less than an hour, then spew it and two more buyins all back to the table over following two hours. Two lessons there: 1) give a LAG enough rope and they'll eventually hang themselves, and 2) the river giveth, and the river sure as hell taketh away.

I made a few missteps; the most expensive one was a result of betting too little. No it wasn't a MIN BET, but it was low enough compared to pot size that I made it attractive for Mr. Quiet Tight Weak in seat 2 to catch his flush on the river, making my flopped 2 pair obsolete. The lesson here: Math is everywhere - get better at it.

Sigh. Let the spanking commence.


Thank you to a few friends who talked me off a ledge this weekend. I can't tell you how much I hate being an emotional trainwreck (I despise the loss of control, doncha know), but when circumstances occur to make it inevitable, I'm glad I have pals like you to kick me out of it.


Due to an incredibly freaky 5th place win in the Riverchasers on Thursday (no, I don't really know how to play PLO8 and yes, I was tipsy), I'm now at 23rd place on the BBT3 leaderboard. Except for a brief foray to 36th place (I missed a few games), I've been in the top 25 since it started. Hey, I guess I know how to play some poker after all *grin.

See you tonight for the MATH, where I try to both maintain my leaderboard standings and ensure that tomorrow's alarm at 6:30 am is going to be even more painful than it would normally be after 2 weeks of sleeping in.

Fuck, I do not want to go to work tomorrow.


Thank you to everyone who has played the Donkament since its inception a year ago. I started it as a one-off to hang with friends for my birthday, and a year later it's still going strong.

So, there will be bounties and prizes this Friday to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Donkament (aka Therapy, as Hoy calls it); hope to see you there.

Oh and pre-birthday dial-a-shots will of course be welcomed *grin.

2 Responses to “One day left”

  1. # Blogger Astin

    Well, considering how ban-happy Full Tilt is, you could just report the fuckers. It may provide a small measure of satisfaction.  

  2. # Blogger peacecorn

    You could also switch to LHE--I rarely see that kind of behaviour. (And but plus, it's more profitable.)  

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