Everything I read or hear infuriates me today. EVERYTHING! I'm one big ball of irritable.

And no, it's not hormonal, so the next person who even hints at that will die a long and horribly painful death.

But Kat, you ask, what has so ruffled your usual state of calm equanimity?

Many little things (meetings, annoying co-worker, headache, whiney twelve year olds) and one big thing (my mammogram & ultrasound results are not at my GP's yet, making my appointment today a near-complete waste of time).

And how much longer do I have to wait, you ask?

1.5 to 2 weeks.

On a positive note, if there was a problem with the results I'd have gotten a call by now. I just really would like to be sure. 100% sure. Utterly and unequivocally sure.

Sigh. Deep breath.

Back to being patient.

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  1. # Blogger lightning36

    Being married for almost 20 years makes me not make any of the funny comments I was going to make ...  

  2. # Blogger Astin

    I, however, am single so can make all those comments! Wait... I also live within a 20min ride of Kat, so I won't make any.

    You could try beating a student, that might help with your mood. Also, the criminal trial and lawsuit would keep you busy.  

  3. # Blogger Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean

    I remember five years ago when I thought I had a mass in my stomach. My mom came up for the "Testing" and "Extraction".

    The doctor wouldn't say a damn thing to me.

    Silence scared the crap out of me.

    "I'll get back to you Sean."

    and I waited. And waited. Until 3 WHOLE Days went by and I couldn't take it anymore.

    SO I called...

    and it turned out to be nothing. A fat nodule. They were concerned that it had its own blood supply though so it was removed.

    So be mad at me Kat. Hate me. Yell at me.

    BUT in the end, no matter which it is, we'll still care and love you!


  4. # Blogger Island Bum

    ugggh , It sucks when they do that and they know it screws with your mind. But like you said if it was bad they probably would have said something by now.

    Nothing but good news vibes to you  

  5. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    Well, GOOD!! If it means good news, than it's fine that you have to wait. Right?!

    Ahhhhhh - 12 year olds. You are a better person than I.  

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