Never met a meme I didn't like

My school year officially starts tomorrow with a full day of meetings.


So kids, it's procrastination time again! Without further ado I bring you my version of the iPod lyric meme:

  1. Look. Look, John, look. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run. Run, run, run.
  2. Roll out the fat red carpet, so I can walk. Hook up those microphones, so I can talk.
  3. I can already hear your tune, calling me across the room. When the world and his wife are on my back again, not enough pleasure, too much pain.
  4. I got a gal who lives on the wrong side of town, I know what I like and man you know I sure know how.
  5. Sounds like a signal from you. Bring me to meet your sound, and I will bring you to my heart.
  6. The Bishop in the sky wants to tweak your thigh. Spirit made flesh in black silken mesh. The monster wants her, his lust has new designs, teething, seething, his greed is undefined.
  7. Colour me your colour, baby. Colour me your car. Colour me your colour, darling. I know who you are.
  8. She makes me wanna die. Follow where Mary goes. Cherish the things she knows. Says if I change my stride, then I'll fly.
  9. Well I'm just outta school, like I'm real real cool. Gotta dance like a fool, got the message that I gotta be a wild one. Ooh yeah I'm a wild one.
  10. I liked it, I liked it a lot. Step there, sooner than not. Right there, there on the ground. Did I say I liked it? Yes you did.
  11. You had the best, but you gave her up, 'coz dependency might interrupt.
  12. I was born of misintention and my future isn't fate. I was born to struggle in vain.
  13. She came from Planet Claire, I knew she came from there. She drove a Plymouth Satellite faster than the speed of light.
  14. The beauty of her, under electric light. (x2) tears my heart out everytime.
  15. If you see me walking down the street, and I start to cry each time we meet, walk on by, walk on by.
  16. I'll pray, and pray, that your country undergoes recovery.
  17. Welcome to your life. There's no turning back. Even while we sleep, we will find you acting on your best behaviour. Everyone wants to rule the world.
  18. No freaking idea what the lyrics are - knowing the Cocteau Twins, I doubt there are any.
  19. Take me down, six underground, the ground beneath your feet.
  20. A little less conversation, a little more action please. All this aggravation ain't satisfactionin' me.


And the culprits are:

  1. Baby Judy by Hawaiian Pups.
  2. Good Girl Down, Morcheeba
  3. Swamp Thing, Chameleons
  4. cemetery, headstones
  5. Spiritual High, Chrissie Hynde/Vangelis
  6. Swing Shift, Nash the Slash
  7. Call Me, Blondie
  8. She Makes Me Wanna Die, Tricky
  9. Real Wild child, Iggy Pop
  10. I Like It, Moby
  11. Happy Now, No doubt
  12. Haven't Gone Away, Econoline Crush
  13. Planet Claire, B-52's
  14. Electric Light, PJ Harvey
  15. Walk on By, covered by The Stranglers
  16. Godlike, KMFDM
  17. Everybody Wants to Rule the World, covered by Patti Smith
  18. How to Bring a Blush to the Snow, Cocteau Twins
  19. 6 Underground, Sneaker Pimps
  20. A Little Less Conversation, Elvis Presley

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