What are the odds?

Earlier this afternoon I was playing 3 tables on Full Tilt, a $5 two table SnG, a $6 one table turbo SnG, and a >NET Aussie Freeroll.

It was all good, and I looked at my screen to see 3 of hearts, 5 of diamonds. I wish I had the presence of mind to take a screen shot, as I had this hand on ALL THREE TABLES.

At the same time. What are the odds??

No seriously, I'd like to know.

As IronGirl and I were concluding on Saturday night: "RNG my ass!".

6 Responses to “What are the odds?”

  1. # Blogger KajaPoker

    FTP RNG is demented. I usually run 4 SNGs at once and I can't count how many of the same hands I get at the same time. And what's worse, I see the same flops on different screens. And even worse my hands hit flops on other tables all the time. I termed this OTT - Other Table Tilt.  

  2. # Blogger Michael Albert

    Bah ... sometimes it's such a pain being the math geek. There are

    52*51/2 = 1326

    different poker hands. So, the chance of being dealt three identical hands from three separate decks (we're not going to think about the fact that we might get multiple opportunities to observe this -- e.g. one hand taking more time than the others etc.) is

    1/(1326*1326) = 1/1,758,276

    (Your first hand is "free", then the other two have to match it)

    The one that always gets me is when I've got say, 64 on one table as I see the flop come 664 on the other.  

  3. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    I agree - it's definitely not random.  

  4. # Blogger Mike Maloney

    Ha, nice. Agree with Kaja on the flops on different tables. I constantly flop two pair on other tables with my hole cards.

    Reminds me of the day I flopped quads on two different tables at the same time, then about a half hour later had pocket kings at the same time on two different tables. RNG at its finest.  

  5. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    That was the Waffles RNG bug documented in 2.3.1 of FT manual.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Since the flop on one table always complements the hole cards on the other, do you ever find yourself playing, say, 53o when the other table has the hole cards 64o? Of course, that guarantees the flop for your 53o will be 5 7 8....  

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