Yes, what they said....

So I'm moping around the apartment over the weekend, feeling crappy because I'm sick and feeling crappy because I'm missing an opportunity to hang out with my pals in Vegas. Fragments of thought coalesce into a blog post, and I start to word it in my head, playing with phrases and points I want to make.

Only to read through my bloglines this morning to see that two people have done a far better job than I did in my head. This happens more often than one might think.

Want to know how I feel about missing Vegas, but am glad there's a light at the end of the tunnel that for once is not an oncoming train? What she said. Okie-Vegas - YAY!!!

Want to know the plus sides about summer illness? What she said. (Nyquiladas.....sounds oddly inviting, but only because I still feel yucky.)


In spite of the fact that I still feel like a dogs breakfast, I dragged my sorry butt to school today. I think the only thing that would cause me to miss a day right now is hospitalization.

The end of the year is mondo crazy. It's the time where the teachers realize that there's not enough time to actually finish the curriculum (never is) and start jamming homework and assignments so we have enough markables, students are stressed about exams and anxious to get the hell out of here (we all are, really), the yearbook is missing so many sections from people who have an even more flexible attitude towards deadlines than Douglas Adams did that I honestly wonder how the hell I'm going to pull it all together, administration wakes up and starts peeking into things, people start complaining about the computers (bite me, I have report cards to do too, so fix it yourself), the Xerox printer begins to fail on a near daily basis causing those with exams to print to have conniption fits of epic proportions, faculty is ready to lynch the next person that mentions the words "report" and "cards" in the same sentence, and we have all hit the saturation point of dealing with each other.

Yeah I know it's a hideously long run on sentence. I don't care.

But on the other hand, the kids are gone on the 13th. Blissful silence awaits.


I'm starting the lovely process of cleaning my desk. It's frightening how much paper I can accumulate, when I'm the computer teacher and do most things digitally. I'm tempted to just sweep it all into the recycling bin but I'm pretty sure there's a Grade 7 PhotoShop quiz buried in there somewhere that's just waiting for me to mark it.

I was about halfway down the archealogical dig when I found a small tin where I stash the little things that some of the high school students have given me. I looked at the collection of pins and started to laugh; the math teacher looked over my shoulder and when I showed her, she only said "perhaps you are sharing a wee bit too much of yourself".


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