Mostly about garth

While it hasn't been a good poker weekend per se, it's been a fun one.

Friday was the Rebuy Donkament, and I was lucky enough to be seated at Garth's table. I have to hand it to Garth, when he sets his mind to something, he cannot be deterred. He had decided he wanted to beat the previous rebuy record of 54 and with that in mind he pushed. Every. Single. Hand.

He did not beat the record, but still contributed $47 in rebuys to the final pot of $230. And then the jammy bastard took 3rd overall, almost covering his buyin!

The hand of the game that really sticks out in my mind is this one:

Garth takes out Shadowcard, and when I congratulate him in the girlie chat his response was "huh....that was a royal??".

Yes dear, it was. *grin.

I must apologise to all....due to poker fund issues (ie. the Withdrawal Curse) I've not been able to award a monetary reward for those who buyin the most, so I'll create a graphic that you can proudly copy and display on your blog.

Here's Garth's:

And who holds the dubious honour of the most rebuys?

I got my name in lights with

Yes, MeanHappyGuy is still the donkiest of them all *grin


There was other poker...I played the Darfur charity game on Stars. Alas I had only the cost of admission to spare (my poker stars account is in a most unhealthy state), and busted after 25 minutes.

Kudos to the other bloggers who played - a over 20k was in the pot, which gets matched by Stars. And a HUGE congrats to Garth, who made it to 25th out of 744 players.

I asked if he would mentor me, but he gave me his strategy in four words for free:
get drunk. get lucky.

Had a blast on the Brit Bloggerment, where I got hit in face in the deck in the first 45 minutes; however it dried up like hell once we hit the final 9. Beseeching the poker gods did no good, and I was out 6th (I think) when I decided to push with 55, and well, yes, they were found substandard.

I'd much rather catch the cards and luck in the last part of the game!


You have all heard me bitch about the Sweater from Hell. It was definitely a challenging (!) project for a beginner, but the damn thing is finally done:

It's fucking awesome, if I do say so myself. And just in time for summer too.

4 Responses to “Mostly about garth”

  1. # Blogger Michael Albert

    "And just in time for summer too".

    Obviously a trip to the southern hemisphere is in order -- I'd say "on the cards" but that would just be cheap.  

  2. # Blogger Irongirl01

    Awesome hoodie Kat. Great job on it. You look like no beginner knitter to me.

    I think it would look absolutely stunning with my Green eyes (joking)

    Put it on and take the bike out for a spin (leather halter top on underneath of course)  

  3. # Blogger Irongirl01

    PS.. Dang girl.. you dont use a four color deck? When I saw the royal it was blue diamonds!!  

  4. # Blogger meanhappyguy

    Nice Sweater!

    Not only do you have to push every hand, you also have to get unlucky to unseat me! Or lucky, depending on how you look at it.

    Awesome graphic! I may be contacting you at a later date if I have trouble copying it to my blog :)  

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