After my tilt-fest on Friday night (good lord, how wound up am I that a $1 rebuy makes me go off like that??) I turned off the laptop and didn't turn it back on until late Sunday. I fired up a poker site long enough to say hi to the Brits, but that's it.

It was a good weekend. We spent all of it OUT.

Remember the map from a few posts ago? Our actual ride is in green:

It was a nice 2-day ride, skirting along the lake and around Prince Edward County. Fishing season opened Saturday with a big derby; fishermen were everywhere. We had a great chat with three at the canal lift lock where we had coffee (yes we travel with a stove and espresso - you know how I am about coffee *grin). I miss fishing - such a lovely way to do nothing on nice days.

The extended seat time reminded me of some bike road trip rules, that I will now share with you:

  1. Windchill is not just for winter. Travelling at highway speed on a chilly day will only make it much, much chillier; 63 degrees at 75 mph will feel more like 46 degrees. Trust me.
  2. Wear about 2 more layers than you think you'll need. You will need them, trust me (see point above).
  3. A miserable ride can be made better just by the appearance of some sun and blue sky, even if it's only fleeting.
  4. Money spent on good gear is never money wasted. A nice ride will be made miserable once hands and/or feet become wet and/or cold. A bad seat will also suck the joy right out of the day by Hour 4. Buy a Corbin; your ass will love you for it.
  5. NEVER pass the opportunity to pee! No matter how grotty you think the gas station bathroom might be.
  6. Find a little place to tuck some tissues or a partial toilet-paper roll in a ziplock, because at some point you will have ignored rule #5.
  7. Don't even bother to style your hair; don't waste your time. Just buy a hat.
  8. Bring a notepad and pen/pencil with you; there is no way you will remember that very clever haiku you made up while on the highway.
  9. Bring a camera. You will see the oddest things, like this cinderblock castle, and no one will believe you unless you bring back proof.
  10. ALWAYS stop when you want to. Look around, explore. You may never come back that way again, and even if you do, it will likely have changed. Don't worry about people leaving you behind; eventually they will realize you're not there and will come back to see what's up.


Many, many thanks, oh wonderful Martini Goddess for your kind hospitality over the weekend - you rock!!

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  1. # Blogger Astin

    A shame neither of your routes got as far north as Minden. Good little town that one. Dave's on 35 or the Rockcliff for some great burgers.  

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