Live and otherwise

Headed to the poker club with Guin tonight, where I did pretty good. Well pretty good until the moment I bubbled. Chip leader has me covered (just) and calls my all-in with Ace rag. He hits an ace on the river making my KK , well, Hamlets.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I fucking detest bubbling? I'd rather go out first than bubble. Sigh.

Didn't fare well in the after-tourney cash game. Card dead to a degree seldom seen before. When you look at A2 off and think "woo...good cards!", it's time to go before something really bad happens.

Then home to hit the post-Mookie .10/.25 cash game. And still the card death continued, until I saw the hammer. Not only was it the hammer on a blogger table, but the best hand I'd seen in two orbits (damn, how you bloggers have skewed my thinking where hammers become good hands). And this happened:

And just like that, all is well again in my pokerverse.

2 Responses to “Live and otherwise”

  1. # Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy

    and it wasn't wasted on a bunch of no nothing least these donkeys could respect the beating with admiration.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm closer to the black leather than a desk jockey.  

  2. # Blogger meanhappyguy

    You must learn to embrace the bubble. Bubble is a glorious time when the timid tuck their tail and shivver, while the wild pile up stacks upon stacks of chips.

    And really, if you think about it... really think about it, the chips you make from aggressive play on the bubble that go towards going deep in tournies (where the real money is), more than make up for the times you bubble and don't make the entry fee.

    Food for thought.  

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