Vegas Redux, Part 1 of 4

Ok, here we go. I've had to break this down - the damn thing was six pages long in Word. That's too nutty for one post - it would be an uber post of epic proprtions, enough to make Iggy and Iakaris look like guys who scribble on Post-It’s.

Thursday; aka just let me get through this day

Thursday was fugly, no other word will suffice. I woke up at my aunt’s house, tired and grumpy, then off to Grandma Rose’s funeral. What hell. Meeting cousins I didn’t know existed but am suddenly expected to make nicey nicey with, people quietly murmuring “I am so sorry for your loss”, egg salad sandwiches on Wonder Bread cut into triangles, bad coffee. And the guilt of knowing all I wanted to do was bail and run off to Vegas as fast as I possibly could.

Then the airport: “We’re sorry Ms. Sheep-Passenger, but there’s a layover in Chicago now”. “Of course there is”, I replied. So a flight that if taken directly is about 4.5 hours, took me just over 10. Got a lot of knitting done.

Finally after becoming aquainted with Chicago and Denver airports*, I see the lights of Vegas through the window, surrounded by sheets of lightening. How apropos. Land, grab carry-on, bob and weave around tired parents and hyper kids, find shuttle, hit Excalibur.

I have never tasted anything so sweet as that first sip/gulp/swig/bottle of Smirnoff Ice…thanks to the great Saint Al of the Bar for buying me my first Vegas Blogger Booze. Many more followed (thank jeebus!) and met a lot of the bloggers for the first time. It’s all a blur, like so much of the weekend. All I can remember is Derek's hug and DonkeyPuncher's huge serving of nachos!

* It's no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase "As pretty as an airport" appear.
~ Douglas Adams

1 Responses to “Vegas Redux, Part 1 of 4”

  1. # Blogger Donkeypuncher

    those nachos weighed fifteen pounds. disgusting, yet tasty at the same time.  

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