KatFight Part One: Veneno-1, Kat-0

The first part of the Katfigh HU Goddess showdown was today at noon. I'd like to say it was an epic struggle, but (contrary to what an old boyfriend thought) it's hard to call something epic when it lasted only 15 minutes.

I could make excuses...coffee deprived, still battling strep throat, distracted by the yahoo chat, not quite out of graphic-designer-mode (had been working on a client's biz card design previously), blah blah blah.

But I think it just comes down to the fact that El Primo Poker Goddess likes Brad more than Clive, and accepted Veneno's offering while rejecting mine, LOL.

I had a few missteps, and was down to about 800-ish. Pushed back a bit with some good cards (and some utter shit, truth be told), got back up to 950-ish.

Then I look to see KK (yipppeeee skippeeee!). Bet high. Flop comes K-something-4. I remember telling myself to play it sloooow, I go over the top and she'll fold. Turn comes 4. OMFG A boat! Veneno goes big, my instantaneous call puts me all in, river comes whatever.....our cards flip over and.....

Veneno has pocket fours. DQB = buh bye me.

But like the Monday night home games at Tay + Tawn's, I didn't mind losing. The chat was fun, and it was veerrryyyy educational.

Veneno, you ROCK!

For a play by play and a transcript of the chat, check out SirF Waffles blog. And trust me, if I'd known he was gonna log it, I'd have watched my typos (it's supposed to read "I have to pour my coffee or my head's going to explode".)

See y'all next week!

6 Responses to “KatFight Part One: Veneno-1, Kat-0”

  1. # Blogger Jules

    Hurumph, that's it, next time I stay up for this event. Go get her on Round Two Kat!  

  2. # Blogger katitude

    Next one is sunday night...and you better be there. And hopefully it will last longer than 15 minutes, lol!  

  3. # Blogger Jules

    If it doesn't last longer than 15 minutes, I'm going to start wondering if you're actually a man!

    lol..cuz it's good to laugh at your own jokes.  

  4. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    You did great! Next time you will defeat her suckout powers!  

  5. # Blogger Veneno

    It was a thrill playing with you Kat. You have a great sense of humor and it is truly entertaining to engage in a battle with you, especially with a male audience on the sidelines (not saying Jules isn't more than welcome for the next match).

    I do think the Poker Goddess must have enjoyed Brad. My cards were running very hot. Opening with QQ, then KK, a flush flop, and of course the final quad 4s was the icing on the cake.

    It's true that I have had repeated success with suckout powers, but despite the impression Waffle gives, I do possess some poker skills to go along with the suckout luck. So I would not count on a defeat as Waffle predicts.

    I look forward to our next match. Can you change the time on the awesome banner you created?

    Waffle - I didn't realize until now you were taking sides. We can settle the score when I meet you on the felt for our Heads Up match. You can be sure that I will not show you any mercy!  

  6. # Blogger katitude

    Veneno - I don't doubt at all that you can play poker...my chief doubt here is that I can, LOL!

    And don't be too hard Waffles...I'm sure it's just a pity cheer...after all it *was* him that put me in this esteem-crushing tourney *grin.

    P.S. I have gone to Oracle of Poker, and she has told me the proper eyecandy offering for the Poker Goddess... I can't lose now! *rubs hands together a la Mr Burns.

    What time for the banner?  

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