Saturday at Rama or Tawny and Kat meet the Queen of Luckboxes

Yesterday Tawny and I made our much anticipated foray north to Casino Rama. Even though I had the car, we decided to take the bus in view of the snow.

So, for five bucks return we take a coach with a movie to the casino - nice huh? Except for the fact it's a freaking milk run and it gets up there at almost one pm. Of course by that time on a Saturday the poker room is jam packed - took about TWO HOURS to get on a table. Plenty of time to get something to eat, try my hand at video poker (wow is that ever boring!), text message Geo and to check out the eye candy. Sidenote: we are not taking the bus again...its' cheap but that's all it has going for it.

I get in first, and sit at a table with 3 other women; one has a huge stack (of chips) the others not so much. First hand I see KK (sound familiar J?) but it gets cracked by a flush hit on the river by one of the women who's short stacked (let's call her QoL, short for Queen of Luckboxes, keep reading). Ah well. Sit for a few hands, then Tawny gets in. Her table immediately has a seat open so I move.

Now Tawny hits major pots in her first two hands and basically doubles her stack of chips in front of her. We play, I win some, I lose some, I fold lots. Thus is Limit Hold 'Em played. Good guys at the table, so it was fun (sorry J, not a lot of flirting, at least not at our usual caliber). Then one guy switches tables, and one of the women from my first table sits down. It's QoL. The first thing she says is "I wasn't getting any cards at my table" followed by "I haven't really played before". Now the second part I believe coz she really wasn't too clued in....I mean honestly, how hard is it to remember TWO CARDS through 5-7 minutes of play?? Yeah, yeah, I've had to take second looks at my cards periodically, but usually when playing drunk. And not every single hand.

You can practically see the guys at the table mentally divvying (sp?) up her $40 in chips. A few hands, she's busted, so she re-buys. And then, QoL, calling station that she is, hits pots to defy the imagination. A3 offsuit turns into a str8 on the river. She catches her flush on the river. In twenty minutes she's up to over 200. And manages to stay there.

I bet Tawny that QoL will have donked it away in an hour. The very charming man to Tawny's left gave her two hours. Unfortunately, we had to catch our bus, so we couldn't see the outcome. I have to believe in something, so I'll believe that the great gods of equalization will slap her down. Maybe not then, but certainly the next time when she walks into the poker room thinking that she's a good player. God, I'd love to see her on a No Limit table.

And how did we do? Tawny ended up up 34 bucks, and I was down 21, which is about the worse I was all day.

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  1. # Blogger Jules

    Hmm...did you check to see if QoL was Australian? If she was a blond, tall, stick insect with bad tits, then she might be related to the version we have down here.

    Damn..sorry the dosh and boys weren't up to their usual standard (I will admit, addict that I am, that the 2 hour bus ride would have killed me).

    Still, 21 bucks for how many hours of fun can't be that bad?  

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