I hate my luv affair with crap

I never realized I was an optimist.

I've always thought of myself as a bit of a jaded fuck (been there/done that/bought the shirt), something that gets a little crustier with each passing year. Hey, the don't call 'em the "fuck-off" forties for nothing!

But looking at the underlying reasons for playing some of the crap I do, I have to admit to myself that I'm a sucker for the possibilities, the potential of an underdog hand to become something powerful.

And that optimism (or stupidity if you prefer) causes me to have this internal dialogue:
"ooooo...pocket sixes, aren't you all cute and curly sitting beside each other like that. Here, come to Momma who will feed you chips and make you big and strong so you can feed more chips back to Momma" **
rather than this one:
"pocket sixes?? I will not be fooled by you! You are the weakest link: GOODBYE!".

I think that's why I like head's up games so much. With so few cards actually in play, I can indulge in my optimism and coo encouragingly** to my pocket pairs and TPTK, with good results. Plus it's so delightfully quick, purr-fect for a girl with such a short attention span.

Now I that I know my love affair for what it is, I need to address my optimism during tourneys. There's a WWdN tonight, and I'd kinda sorta like to place ITM for once, rather than being a chip bank for SirF and Joanne to wtihdraw from at will.

Here's to being a jaded fuck! Yippeeeeee!

** No, I do NOT talk to my hands this way - I am exaggerating for literary effect. Pfffft.

2 Responses to “I hate my luv affair with crap”

  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Pleeeeeeease be my chip bank..  

  2. # Blogger katitude

    Sorry babes, methinks it's your turn to be chip bank *grin  

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