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K, I am sooooo done with watching my minimal bankroll dwindle again and again. Obviously I'm not as focussed online as I should be, or I just overall don't have a clue. In any case my credit cards took too much of a hit over the holidays, and since I'm heading to Australia (!!YAY!!) for March Break, I need to be more fiscally responsible.

With that in mind, I have reverted back to my initial rule until I meet a particular goal...real money for real play, play money for virtual play. The goal? Until I can rack up at least 100k in play chips from a start of 1k, in realistic-style play, I'm not throwing any more good money after bad. Time to act more like a grown up and less like an addict.

Yeah, I know that it's very hard to find realistic play on free chip tables. I've cruised the play chip tables on several sites, trying to find the ones who take it seriously; Party Poker is filled with newbies who suckout without having a clue, and Ultimate Bet is just too damn silly. IMHO, Poker Stars has the most serious play, especially at higher limit and buy-in levels.

So that's where I've been for the last week or two, and am currently up to around 6-7K. And ya know....a really good win on play chips feels just about as kick-ass as it does in real money; and that sinking feeling over a huge loss is certainly offset by the knowledge that it's not coming out of my pokcet.
Details to follow.


Poker at Taylor and Tawny's last night. Man, it's too much fun. I'm beginning to enjoy doing a stupid bet on Tay just to listen to him go "What the hell?"; and Geo, aka King of the Sexual Innuendo, makes me laugh to the point of coughing. I always get 20 bucks worth of fun even if I lose.

And last night I was doing well...was chip leader after a few hours, but then the "what the hell" moment. Dave goes all in, I look at my cards, J9h, and think what the hell...I call. Doesn't he shut me down with killer pocket pairs? Aces or queens, I can't quite remember which (he got me with both). But this one was the killer....2290 of my chips go buy bye, leaving me with less than 500. I get a few more pots, but the writing's on the wall and I end up in third. But I'm still AND I win 32 bucks!!!!!

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  1. # Blogger Tawny

    Fun for you maybe ;).

    Congrats on 3rd, DP has been winning way too consistently. It's time to put a stop to it :).  

  2. # Blogger katitude

    yup...Mr Pratt's winning streak must come to an end *grin...perhaps Saturday...  

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