If only I could revoke chat priviledges...

The inane stupidities that people type in the chat window are killing me. Yeah, I know I *could* disable chat, but I might miss something good.


"NH" to someone who is blatantly pot steals with allins right from the first hand of the tourney. (since when is buying a pot a Nice Hand???)

"Toronto....is that in Europe?" from the guy who's avatar says he's from Buffalo (which is right across the lake). It's hard to say "go look at a map" without sounding snarky (but oh, how I wanted to!)

"Chics can't play...your old man must be coaching you in the background" - OMFG....I don't even know where to start with that one.

I have a straight flush draw off the flop, bet high to see who has what. Man to my left, let's call him, ummm, Bozo, just calls; the turn gives me a top pair of aces. I bet high again coz I'm a sucker for a draw especially with that many outs, 20x the bb. Bozo again just calls. I make my flush on the river, go all in. Bozo again calls; cards are shown and he has nothing, and I mean nothing, not even a pair, not even a card in the major suit. And somehow, according to Mr. Bozo and the other 4 table mates, I'm the bad player by making it off the river....am I missing something here?

I can't tell you how great it felt to knock them all out.

New motto: Carpe Dumb (seize the stupid)

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