It's official!

No more am I a C-Lister with delusions of grandeur - I am now a B-Lister! I feel oddly validated. I'm not sure what to do now ... do I go out and celebrate with champagne?


In November of 2005, I was playing some poker, and trying to understand this new obsession. then I read of the four week Saturdays with Dr. Pauly series. I jumped at the chance to play with the bloggers I read, the A-Listers. The game was hugely challenging for me, being a n00b and an unknown playing with her heroes, but through a series of suckouts so shocking and mind-numbingly awful I managed to place fourth in the first game. I cringe even now thinking of how awfully I played. But the damage was done, I was hooked; hooked on blogger games and hooked even more thoroughly on NLHE.

But now a new opportunity to get completely hooked on something new is on the horizon:

And once more, I will have no clue what I'm doing, will make the most abysmal plays and suckouts, and have a giggle while doing so.

I'm already registered.


I came across this in my Stumbles the other day. I've made liqueurs and infused vodkas as gifts before, and I'm thinking about making up a batch for AlCantHang. I better get on it if I want it done for Eh-Vegas.

And while I think it's a pretty nifty (yet odd) beverage, in the back of my head I can't help but wonder what would be the circumstances where the thought of bacon-flavoured vodka pops into your head as a good idea?


Played a little poker early last night. I descended into anarchy and played a cheapie SnG on stars and proceeded to mock the player who gave me crap for going all in with AJ s00ted, and effectively cracking his AA with a flush. My points were 1) YOU called ME post flop with a clear flush on the board and 2) I do not take poker tips from someone who's ROI is at - 62%. Christ, that's even worse than me!

I also played the Tuckfard game at 7. This is a fun Knock Out game and at $ bucks it's a cheap price to pay for a giggle. I was doing pretty ok, no spectacularly stupid plays until Hunny Bunny announced that he had a run a bubble bath for me. Hmmm, let me see... hang around and play for the possibility of winning $16, or saying goodbye to the three bucks to descend into a tub of bubbles armed with a good book and a good beer.

I was gone in two hands.


Tonight is the blogger game on anti-Canadian Bodog. Have fun, you bastards.

There's also the latest edition of the Blogger Skillz Game on Full Tilt at 9:30 EST, which looks to be a Pot Limit Hold 'Em Knock Out flavour tonight.

Have fun,y'all. Me, I'm going out for a nice night out with my Hunny Bunny.

3 Responses to “It's official!”

  1. # Blogger BamBam

    Hope you have a great night HUN !

    B-lister, schmeeee-lister !

    Who'd chose a leopard print thong over me...... (Besides me of course)

    Thanks for coming out last night.
    It meant the world.
    HUGE ((HUGS))  

  2. # Blogger t

    hey kat i just wanted to tell you that my google had you listed in my top TWO recommended blogs to read today

    i thought that was pretty cool.  

  3. # Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa

    Kat, I had someone email me that you were an A-Lister when it came to spanking a booty. But my blog is a poker blog..if I had a booty spanking blog you would be an A-Lister.  

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