Buh bye Australia....Buh bye Freeroll

(begin rant, and a effort to vent instead of beating myself up all night. Feel free to move along.)

Yes it's true, what some say. I am a donk of the highest order. No other explanation for being so incredibly dumb. Yeah, I said it, DUMB. Could have played patiently, could have played thoughtfully, but nooooooooooo! Fuck, what am I, new? Apparently so.

"well, at least you weren't out first." Small consolation, because I'm sure I went out stupidest. La la la la, I think I'll call here, why not...oh dear, he has pocket aces. La la la la la, think I'll go all in with pocket 8's...oh dear AT s00ted caught an Ace.

Jesus. What kind of a tard goes through 5,000 starting chips in 22 minutes, with only top pair, meh kicker and middle pocket pair to show for it? This kind.

Fuck me and the horse I rode in one. Talk about delusional individuals. At least with the BBT1, I had the sense to bail when I realized that I had zero fucking chance. But not this time....hope springs eternal and all that. However, like hope, idiocy is eternal as well.

The only way I am getting to Australia is if I wake up, stop playing online poker and put the $ I spend on it in a piggy bank.


(end rant)

And no, I don't owe you a buck. Nowhere was I bad beated, except by myself. And no, don't bother telling me that I'm not that bad at poker. I know precisely how mediocre I am at poker.

3 Responses to “Buh bye Australia....Buh bye Freeroll”

  1. # Blogger CarmenSinCity

    awwwwwww - poor katitude!!!! Sorry you went out so early. At least you got to play! I played in two token frenzies and I couldn't win one to save my life. I mean, shit, I've been off work for like 5 days, I could have at least won a token dammit.  

  2. # Blogger Astin

    Then stop being mediocre and be better.  

  3. # Blogger shamanalix

    Oh hush up, go give hunnybunny a big hug (if you don't I will) and move on to the next game. You're as good as you really know you are. So stop worrying about being perfect or winning every time. Just be you!  

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