Can I have a do-over?!?

I have been having a lot of ups and downs lately, as the eight people who read this blog can attest to. I'm not facing middle age as gracefully as I had hoped, and the desire to shake things up, to crash some catastrophe into my life is at times overwhelming.

Being in Las Vegas last weekend alleviated this to some extent, but while you can take a lovely vacation from your life, it's always there waiting for your return.

I came back to life tilt, more report cards, report card corrections, computer problems, and staff freaking about said computer problems - seriously why call me at home at 10pm saying the server is do you expect me to do at that moment in time? Jump out of bed, race over there and bail your sorry ass out from behind the 8 ball where you placed it? Not bloody likely.

I would really like a Vegas do-over.


So now, for the first time since I've been back, I have an hour or so to myself to recollect and write my trip report.

And my mind is a big ole blank.

Not because I don't remember (didn't drink that much this time), or because other people have done it so much better (which they have).

It's because words just fail me.

Really how can one put into words the delight of seeing these good friends again, and the regret of not having enough time to spend just hanging out with them?

Just rattle out the high points, Hunny Bunny says. Yeah, how can I do that, when except for when I was attempting to sleep, it was pretty much all a high point?

But some of the best parts were
  • walking past the Geisha Bar to check in and seeing my first glimpse of bloggers and a "Howdy Ma'am" from the honey-voiced Gary. I practically ran up to the room to drop the luggage and get back there.
  • having chicken-fried steak three breakfasts in a row!
  • finally connecting with Gracie, Maudie and Pablo.
  • realizing that I love Crazy Pineapple, followed closely by the realization that I'll probably only ever get to play it 1-2 times a year at blogger mixed games.
  • beating Iggy at Roshambo, then chilling (read drinking heavily) at the the MGM Sports Bar where Iggy spent a lot of time telling me what he should have done (weenie)
  • getting my ass-grab fix satisfied. And yes, it's true. Instant Tragedy really has no ass - don't ask me how his pants stay up. And yes, Pablo's, Pauly's and Iggy's are as fabulous as ever.
  • the look on Pauly's face when Hunny Bunny grabbed his ass
  • being able to talk to CK, Betty Underground, Instant Tragedy and Irish Jim for more than a "hey, how's it going".
  • only being called a fish once by $mokkee at the tourney *grin
  • not sucking at the tourney. I think I ended up in 26th. I'd have done better if my bluff on Rooster hadn't failed.
  • talking to Mrs Cox, although briefly. Carrie, you rock!
  • having a deja-vu moment, where I'm with a bunch of bloggers, wandering around a parking garage in a very Seinfeld-esque moment, looking for the damn car. Oh wait, it isn't deja-vu, it happened last year.
  • raging solo on Saturday night. Went looking for some trouble, but for once it didn't find me. I received no answers, but the questions are bit more clearly defined.
  • Monty Python fix with Spamalot on Sunday night
Most surreal:
  • saying goodbye to everyone at the IP sports book, and feeling very sad as it will be months before we lay eyes on each other again, yet walking away saying "see you Wednesday at the Mookie".
  • having a recurring ailment that ensured I was fatigued and bleary the whole time
  • playing no pai gow
  • missing the chance to meet Shane Nickerson. Again.
  • not spending nearly enough time with you lot. When is the next one again?
Thank yous to:
  • Falstaff, for his effort on herding the blogger cats to this meeting in the desert.
  • Special K for setting us up with some Goody's Headache Powder. I tried one before the tourney. Wow. I think it was around 6 the next afternoon when the caffeine rush subsided.
  • Gracie for the most perfect and timely gift ever.
  • Keith, for his constant support of my poker habit, and his potentially misguided faith that one day it will pay off. And for coming to Vegas just because I asked, even though there really is sfa there for him to do, him being a non-drinker, non-gambling type.
Well I'm almost over my post-Vegas bummer. Almost. And already counting the days to the next get-together.

2 Responses to “Can I have a do-over?!?”

  1. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    Great to see you Kat even if I do not remember any ass grabbing pointed in my direction.. by you or Hunny Bunny.. See ya soon! Are you guys doing and Eh Vegas this year?  

  2. # Blogger Derek McG

    It was great to see you again Kat!

    Grab my ass next time please.  

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