It's 10:30 on a Sunday, and I'm supposed to be packing.

Note the use of the word "supposed". That's because currently I'm alternating between goofing around on teh webbernet and getting outdrawn by card-chasing retards. (Note to players new to the game: position is important, but even being on the button won't save you from being mocked when you play 78 off like it's the new AA and then think you're oh so clever when you hit your 2-outer. Now go read a book and stop being so stupid.)

But eventually I will log off and attempt to pack up two week's worth of clothes, coffee and camping crap onto two motorcycles. Space is at a premium and decisions must be made: I can bring a book to read IF I take my running shoes instead of my hiking boots, BUT if I leave the physical book behind and load up the ipod with a few audiobooks I now have room for a small knitting project, the ipod charger AND a backgammon travel set. Even better, these will all fit inside my hiking boots, and I'd rather take the boots over my running shoes anyway. If everything runs true to form, I will forget something fairly necessary (flash card for camera, hairbrush, shower shoes in previous years) and will bring at least two articles of clothing that I will not wear at all (yeah, like I needed shorts in Newfoundland, or polar fleece in Arizona!).

Our destination this year is the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. I've been trying to brush up on my French by listening to some podcasts and annoying people at Okie-Vegas. Hunny Bunny has been playing around with Microsoft's Streets and Trips and has come up with a route that looks something like this:

Of course, this might have only minimal resemblance to what our actual route looks like.

Every year, once we've decided on the route, I order up all the tourism brochures I can. We leaf through the brochures, deciding on what to see and what to pass by, and at some point I will show HB a picture with my finger pointing to a spot and say "I want to stand there". This year's spot is here:

A lighthouse at the very tip of Forillon National Park, which lies at the very tip of the Gaspe. The road getting there looks wicked! Let's hope it's not gravel.

Imagine...two weeks with no laptop, no internet, no poker, no donkeys. Heaven. I'd like to take a vacation from the last item permanently, but what can you do.

5 Responses to “packing”

  1. # Blogger Pseudo_Doctor

    have fun...and I want to see that picture of you standing there  

  2. # Blogger TenMile

    That's nice country. French? Ah, well.

    Have fun.  

  3. # Blogger Astin

    Have a blast! Should be a gorgeous trip.  

  4. # Blogger pokertart

    Have an amazing trip!  

  5. # Blogger BrainMc

    Have a great time you adventurous souls.  

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