Oh yeah, this is fun.

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~ my computers.
I have today off. It's a lovely sunny day, high of around 70 or so. It would be a good day to get the bike out for a cruise along country roads lined by red maples or to go rollerblading on the trail along the Humber River.

But technology has conspired against me, and this is what I'm doing:

  1. Using this computer to try and find a solution for my Wordpress woes. This is Day 3 of trying to find a workaround for the problem of uploading a 4mb file to a server that will let me upload a max of 2mb. Many thanks to Pokerwolf for the much needed laugh, and to OhCaptain for the assistance!
  2. Cleaning this laptop of the tens of thousands of teeny tiny litte files created when FileSplitter crashed while attempting to split the 4mb blog file. The morning was spent backing up data and trying to do a factory setting restoration. No go. So I'm deleting the teeny tiny little files a few thousand at a time (select all and the laptop crashes).
  3. Working on a clients site re-design on the mini laptop while I'm waiting for things to happen on the other two machines.
  4. My passport expires 3 days before I leave for Vegas. Vegas is my current light at the end of the tunnel. This reminds me to get on it and get across to a photographer today. Not sure if that's going to happen today tho; so immersed in computer glitches that I'm still in my bathrobe. I know it's not technology, but I still have to do it and soon.
  5. Drinking vast amounts of coffee in my happy kitty mug. This was cup #3 of a really nice dark roast Mexican/Cuban blend. I've had another since...I feel like I'm vibrating at a cellular level right now.

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