Woke up at 3am with a sore throat.

Felt so shitty that I took a bus as there was no way I was riding feeling like that. It's embarassing falling over at stops.

Plodded through the first day back with what I know to be Strep Throat; I get it every. damn. year.

Went to the walk in clinic. Say it with me now - EEEW. So, so gross.


Finally saw a very attractive (like this guy attractive) but very frazzled doctor and got the prescription for something called Biaxin. A penicillin allergy limits my options.

Took it to Shoppers. Waited some more.

Finally home. $70 for the Biaxin; thank god for drug plans. Opened the bottle and shook out two of these:


I have STREP THROAT, cannot even swallow TEA for gods sakes, and you braniacs give me pills the size of my little finger from tip to first joint???

This is gonna hurt.

6 Responses to “SRSLY?”

  1. # Blogger Gadzooks64

    OMG that shit leaves the nastiest taste in your mouth! SRSLY!

    Did they tell you to drink grape juice with it?

    Nasty, nasty shit!

    Hope you feel better soon!  

  2. # Blogger cheer_dad

    Sorry about the size of the pill, but hey it'd be a great flop if you were holding Q-10! : )

    Get well soon!



  3. # Blogger OhCaptain

    Yikes a broadyway reference in the comments on top of strep. I had that this past winter right after starting here. Being around other people sucks.  

  4. # Blogger Jestocost

    Effective stuff, but just wait for the nasty bitter taste that comes along with it. Bleah!  

  5. # Blogger Instant Tragedy

    My allergies are kicking in too, hopefully I won't get that crap. I know the pain. Ewww Horse pills.

    And right before school starts.

    Thinking of you my friend!


  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hope you feel better soon.

    The grape juice is a good trick.  

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