Am I the only sour cherry on your fruitstand?

No poker.

Some music. Some musings. A lot of babbling. Same old, same old.


The post title comes from my new favourite band, the Kills. Can't tell you why exactly I like them so much, I just do.

I've been all over the place in my listening lately; putting the 4,000+ songs living on my iPod on shuffle mode seems to fit my current scattered moods. Massive Attack to GBH, Nick Cave to M. The sublime to the ridiculous, lather, repeat, rinse.


To prove that spring is here in my neck of the woods, here are pictures of fern, fleur and red trillium taken on our walk Sunday:


Question: how do you tell a man that is sweet enough to bring you flowers that you really don't like yellow? And never have?


I saw some early lilacs blossoming and it got me to thinking of my mother, who loved them beyond all other flower.

It suddenly hit me that today is the 17th anniversary of her death. I thought about how I've changed in those 17 years, and it made me wonder if she'd be proud of the person I'd become. My mother played her cards pretty close to her chest, to use a poker analogy, and one was never too sure what she really thought about a topic or person. So while I think she would like the me I've become, there's no real certainty behind it.

She had something that she would say after every visit from the bitch-aunt-who-is-dead-to-me:
You can choose your friends, but you're stuck with your family.
I've learned that that is not necessarily true; you can disengage yourself from family members who's sole purpose in life seems to be to bring you down. You can re-invent the word family and fill your life with people who are meaningful, who will both challenge and support you.

You know who you are.


Thank you to my 14 neighbours who are too lazy and/or stupid to bother setting up a secure wireless connection, thereby allowing me to surf, play online poker and wax philosophical while sitting out on the patio listening to robins and blue jays in the valley below.

4 Responses to “Am I the only sour cherry on your fruitstand?”

  1. # Blogger Astin

    I'm such a wireless bastard. My connection LOOKS open, but I MAC filter, so nobody can actually connect unless I let them.  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    2) You simply say, "you know I love the thought behind these hun, but I have to tell you....
    (least that's what Peb's always did 'till she got me trained)
    3) I used a line as best man at my other-Brother C'C's Wedding.
    "True friends, are family you get to choose."
    4) Wireless high speed....*sigh  

  3. # Blogger Wolverine Fan

    That red Trillium is absolutely gorgeous. We have tons of white Trilliums here in Michigan but I have never seen a red one.

    G'luck at the tables.  

  4. # Blogger DrewFours


    I've been lurking for a bit and enjoying your posts. The flowers look amazing, I wish there were reds that deep here in NH.

    Maybe this will help, my Goddess got the point about yellow through to me this way:

    "I went shopping today and tried on the cutest blouse. It fit me just the way YOU would like it to, but it was yellow, and since that's my least favorite color..."

    Obviously, this was NOT done the same day I brought her the flowers.  

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