Happy Monday

Me: Hey fellow teacher! How goes? Have a good weekend?
Fellow Teacher: God, you're in a good mood. How much did you win?
Transparent like glass, I am.

I am ridiculously happy today; report cards done, inspection done for another 2 years, March Break starts Friday, and of course, the grand-pappy of mood elevators, a final table cash in the Big Game last night.

If I could only add a good night's sleep to that list, I'd be so happy there'd be no living with me. Kee-rist I'm tired. 2 am Friday night, 4 am Saturday night, and 3:30 am last night - these bedtimes do not work well in conjunction with early wake-ups. Gone are the days of the 5 day all-nighters; middle age does not allow you to do those kinds of silly (yet fun) things anymore without dire consequences.

But the weekend was FUN as hell, so I'm good - just going to be mainlining caffeine for the day. In a not unrelated sidenote, I think this may be my next tattoo:

A caffeine molecule seems the most appropriate thing for me these days.

And I'll be needing a lot today; it's going to be a long one. I won't be at the MATH tonight as Hunny Bunny is picking me up after school to go out of town and see this guy.

He's that oh so dangerous combination of smart, funny, and angry. AND he's not hard on the eyes either, all buff and tattooed. I shiver just thinking about it.

So GL to all in the MATH. I plan on being either comatose or a silky puddle of goo when I get home, so doubt I'll even be coherent enough to rail.

7 Responses to “Happy Monday”

  1. # Blogger Drizztdj

    Congrats on the big cash Kat!  

  2. # Blogger BamBam

    What is it with you and I on the phone messages thing-a-ma-bob?

    Absolutely hilarious that my message got there just during the big game on Sunday! I called you pretty late Saturday night.

    Now do you believe i didn't get the message about the chairs?

    Congrats on a great run Kat!
    It's always great to see good things happen to good 'persons.'

    I need to talk to you this weekend.... I'll start dialing now!

    LMAO !  

  3. # Blogger jusdealem

    Very nice cash! Congrats!  

  4. # Blogger shamanalix

    Way to go cutie. You and h.b. enjoy the show, and then good luck back at the BBT3 wars. I sure hope ah ain't thar the nite y'all earns yer TOC seat, you monsterette!!!  

  5. # Blogger Joe Speaker

    WTG Kitty. That Fischman, I swear. If there's karma, he's in trouble.

    Whatcha gonna do with all that swag? Get a half tattoo?  

  6. # Blogger pokertart

    Sweet!!! Congrats!  

  7. # Blogger snakster

    I told you it was your night (I think a 4th place qulifies as validation). As I said early on in the tourney, don't EVER question my assessments.

    Congratulations. Very nice run.  

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