How I spent my Wednesday afternoon

I love Wednesdays. I have it built into my contract that I have Wednesday afternoons off so I can see clients and run my business to augment my pittance of an income. That's not to say that I spend every Wednesday afternoon working.

Case in point: yesterday. I took the loooonng way home on my motorcycle because it was such a glorious day, making the 6 km ride home into 100+ kms. That's what I love about's never about the destination, but all about the journey.

Got home and booked my hotel room in Vegas for the WPBT (still sorta kinda looking for a roommate, FYI). And felt so damn good that I decided to play a $12 6-handed SnG on Stars.

A good table, with the exception of one guy, let's call him Fist Magnet (becuase you just long to punch him). We all know the type: "OOOO..I'm soooooo clever because I'm a last year law student. I know everything and will make gobs of money. I've read books about poker therefore I am a pro and you guys are stupid and play like morons". God he was yappy. I actually like silly little boys like this at my table, they're good for me. They're fun to taunt (yeah I'm mean, but he started it), and they force me to sit up straight and play killer poker, because I'm too stubborn to go out before an annoying trash-talkin' jerkwad kid like that. He bubbled, I placed ITM.

I did actually do some work for a client at this point, enough to pay for a day of sloth in Vegas. Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to it?!??!

Then I met Weak_Player on UB for part one of our HU Challenge. We played two games towards our best-of-seven; I won the first, he took the second. I must be getting better, I could clearly see the areas where he was mixing up his play. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. God, I hope I don't suck.

After a break to go out on the bicycle, I chilled and waited for the Mookie. I played for an hour or so with Sox on the .10/.25 table where I stayed pretty constant around my buyin, and left the table up a whole 80 cents. Yeah, I'm really going to pay for my retirement at this rate.

At 10 it was the Big "O". Ahhh, the Big "O". How embarassing. I was out FIRST when Hoyazo made a suckout flush, turning my KK into Hamlets quite effecctively. My denouement only took 5 minutes. Hoyazo has a good analysis of it here, which is even more embarrassing to re-live the next day. Sigh. Time to actually READ these poker blogs rather than skim. Thanks again to Mookie for setting it up (wow, 42 players this week!), and congrats to those who placed ITM. Hugs and a big aaawww to Jules who bubbled.

Hoyazo was not able to turn my chips into anything lasting, so I guilted him into a 18 person $5 SnG. Man, the cards were not favouring either of us, but somehow I managed to last to 4th so I at least I made some cash ($9). Hugs and a big aaawww to Hoyazo who bubbled.

I might take some time today to do some reading and digest what I've gleaned from yesterday's chats with Weak, Sox and Hoyazo. Or I may play.....

4 Responses to “How I spent my Wednesday afternoon”

  1. # Blogger mookie99

    I didn't fare too much better...out in 6 minutes ! Thanks for coming out to play...since the poker wasn't fun, at least the chat and trash talking was.  

  2. # Blogger Weak Player

    you failed to mention that you were all-in with the worst hand and then caught a 2-outer to stay alive in the first game. But that's okay; I will write all about it on my blog if you win the series.  

  3. # Blogger SirFWALGMan

    You donkey! What the hell were you doing with those Kings.. Kings are a manly card, they are to be rammed down everyone's throat! You cat must have been playing for you again..  

  4. # Blogger katitude

    yeahyeahyeah...we've already established that i suck and am outclassed.

    Now move on......  

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