The day after

A while back Jennifer Tilley wrote an article for Bluff, discussing how she felt about poker. She said it was very surreal to go back to the set after winning the bracelet for the ladies event; an accomplishment that was so important to her, that she felt so pleased and proud about was met with polite "Oh, that's nice" comments.

I in no way feel that I'm in the same league as economic status is such that a $10 tournament buy-in give me pause for thought. But I know how she feels.

I walked into work today a reasonably bright and happy person (mornings and I have a love/hate relationship going). The sun was shining, it was warm enough for me to leave the winter coat in the closet and more importantly, I won a tournament last night. When I told a few people at work about my win I got the same "oh that's nice" murmurs. Sigh. They just don't get it, which makes me wonder just how well they get me? Anyway enough of my little win.


Played some $12 short handed SnG's today which I did quite well at... I do love the feel of shorthanded play and like HU, it seems to suit my personal style of play. I made back the $30+3 WSOP blogger satellite buy-in (I made sure I registered for that before I donked away my money yet again).

Then after a conversation with Weak Player, I did the $3 rebuy tourney on Stars at 8:15. Holy crap! Words fail me in expressing how nutty I found it. Many thanks to Weak for offering some tips. I had 12k+ after the end of the last rebuy break, and then tightened up. And so did everyone else. Played a few hands, folded lots. And I mean lots. I was getting very weary...two nights of getting to sleep at 2 and up at 6 has taken their toll on me. I ended up doing a superbly stupid move with pocket 8's against the chip table chip leader who also happened to be in 5th overall. My bonehead move made him 3rd. The only thing I can think of is that it was my subconcious's way of telling me to get my ass to bed. And since tomorrow is going to be a long day of work followed by an even longer night of fun, I'm going to listen to it.

4 Responses to “The day after”

  1. # Blogger surflexus

    Great job winning that tourney!!! I'll say it no matter how excited your co-workers are or aren'  

  2. # Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

    Hey Kat. Enjoyed railbirding you in the 20k rebuy tourney on pokestars last night. Can't believe how quickly you busted out with those pocket 8s! One minute you had 11 grand, and the next minute I looked up and you were gone! That sucked. Kaellinn and I were both rooting for you take down your second tournament in as many days! He made it about 10 minutes later than you but that's it. Next time!

    Congrats again on the Mookie tournament as well. Must feel good to win a blogger tournament (I wouldn't know! ;)  

  3. # Blogger Tawny

    Congrats on the tournament win!! That IS a big deal, the people that don't get it are just...umm..doing the wrong things with their time?? ;)  

  4. # Blogger TripJax

    Nothing like buying into a tournament, then paying for it with your SNG/Cash game play.

    I love that.  

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