Happy Ho-Ho!!!!

So far I've had a wonderful Christmas!

Friday night in Niagara falls for our anniversary - man, that town was dead! Walked through the new Fallsview casino, only enough people to fill 2 tables in the poker room! And my beloved, what an awesome guy! Asking if I'd like to sit down and play for a while - and he was serious! Of course I said no; it was after all, OUR day, not MY day.

Saturday at the in-laws; we'll just gloss over that...the turkey was good though.

And today...so far Christmas day has been everything I could hope for...slept in, awoken with coffee (in bed), presents (some poker gifts, some chocolate, some knitting gifts, more chocolate, and jewelry) then watched one of the Monty Python DVD's (my gift to him), and then eggs benedict. Then a small SnG on Stars where I actually placed in the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Christmas wish for everyone - may you feel as loved and happy as I feel right now. And may the poker gods smile on you. *grin.

36 hours

that's how long I stayed away from poker, as I realized that my desire to get a grip on my reality was a pipe dream at best.

So, I'm at the $1 turbo 18 player game on Stars. And I have just one thing to say to my table mates.

Contrary to what you might think, the ability to click the All In button and buy a pot does not make you a good poker player. It takes no finesse, no skill and no thought....honestly, even a monkey can push a button and get results occasionally.

And please, stop your damn whining when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Suck it up, and go look up the meaning of the term "sportsmanship". Idiots.

K, done now, thanks for listening to the rant.


End-of-term marking.
Report cards.
Decorating the apartment.
Holiday shopping.
Family wrangling.
Friends birthdays.
Gifts to buy.
Gifts to finish knitting.
Gifts to find a substitute for since the PERFECT gift for Hunny Bunny is out of stock until January.
Baking. (YES, I bake).
some virus that's making me feel veerrryyyyy ruuuunnnn dooooowwwwnnnn.
Broken filling that needs attending. Soon. Very soon, as it's now hindering my enjoyment of my favorite beer (Unibroue's Blanche de Chambly, for those who may be interested).

With all of this going on in my poor teeeny tiny little brain, is it any wonder that I'm playing so badly? Have donked off most of my stash in the last few days (not as bad as it sounds, my stash has never been more than 100, and usually hovers around 30). I'd like to think it's been because I've been the victim of suckouts, runner runners and bad beats. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it's more like this great quote from farnbalnced's blog;
"If you do not win in the long run, it's not because your opponents are making too many mistakes; it's because you are." ~ Ed Miller, Small Stakes Hold'em
So I'm going to cut down for a bit until I feel I have a better grip on reality.

This could take a while.

it's Hammer time!!!

"Da na na na, na na, na na....Cant touch this!"
- MC Hammer

Game 2 of the WWdN: Wil's Folly, and I was rockin'! I'm starting to begin to get a sneaking suspicion that I might possibly have the faintest clue what I'm doing in poker.

While I was never the chip leader, at one point I was ahead enough to try the HAMMER. Sweet79Chuck was seriously short stacked and went all in, and I decided what the hell...worst that happens is he doubles up to 1200-ish chips. He did have a killer hand, and while I have zero recollection of what transpired on this hand (Wil took a screenshot which I'd love to see!) I WON!!! Holy cow.

Wil then told the story of Pauly making a HAMMER boat to defeat both KK and AA...and about 10 hands later didn't the jammy guy make his own HAMMER boat? And OF COURSE, because I invoked the poker gods in vain, I was on the receiving end of that one. Which meant he was on the receiving end of all my chips. And...buh-bye me.

So all in all, I'm feeling pretty good.. two MTT's against some killer players and I finished 5 of 17 and 6 of 20. My tournament play is certainly improving; hopefully the enxt step will be to place in the money more often! My play only sucks the more distractions I have (duh)...tv, web surfing, etc. When it's just the game and Groove Salad Radio on iTunes I'm doing pretty good. Unless the poker gods are lulling me into a false sense of confidence and have something else planned for me, LOL.

my husband owes me money!

At least $34 and at the most $81, which is what I might have won tonight. The story goes like this....

I'm playing in the WWdN: Wils Folly on Stars, and I think I'm not doing too badly, five players left; then the phone rings. It's Hunny Bunny.

Now Hunny Bunny travels a lot, and I miss him when he's not around (although if he's not here I can play poker all night without anyone reminding me that I have work tomorrow), so I tend to jump at the phone when I know it's going to be him (I don't know how I know it's him...I just do).

And usually it's a quickie phone call; hi, love ya, gig is good/bad/a total rash, love ya, bye. But tonight he was all chit-chatty, and who am I to cut off my beloved for a poker game?

End result; out in fifth for doing a donkey move...chasing something or other against someone who had KK.

And it's all his fault. He distracted me *grin. In a good way *huge grin. But he still owes me money.

Amen, sister!

"I love playing poker because I get to be mean and crush people in a socially acceptable way. I can lie, steal, and be generally deceptive. Poker lets me indulge my inner bad girl."
- Jennifer Tilly, quoted in this month's All In magazine.

I love this quote! Let's face it, since I turned the age that I am, there are very few instances where I can indulge my inner bad girl anymore. Granted, my inner bad girl is wwwaaaaaayyy closer to the surface than it is in most people, but those heady days of the Four D's (Deviance, Debauchery, Drunkenness and Depravity) are, alas, mostly behind me. And sans the D's, what's a grrl to do?


Mostly FUN!

Went to Taylor and Tawny's place last night for a poker party, where I learned several new things ('coz like me dad always used to say, a day you don't learn something is a day wasted)...

  1. poker and chocolate martinis don't mix. Or rather they mix far too well. The jury is still out on that one.

  2. chocolate chips are yummy when added to chocolate martinis.

  3. I really don't mind losing when I'm having fun

  4. I'm really getting a bit old for the frat mentality. Honestly guys....hard core porn playing cards?? Funny for about 2.5 seconds; after that it's sad, lame and annoying as hell for those of us who are 1) female and/or 2) older than 25.

  5. Having watched Taylor react to pulp while drinking his rum-and-pineapple-juice, I will NEVER be intimidated by him again (dude, I'm giggling everytime I think of it!)

  6. I'm still not sure how many people live inside of Geo's head, but they are all wildly entertaining! Thanks for the ride there, and babes - YOU ROCK!

  7. as much as I'd like to, I can never get drunk enough to let down my inhibitions enough to sing Karaoke. And that's funny, because lord knows I have no problems with soooo many other things, but singing in front of people.....no can do. Sorry guys. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you not singing "I got You Babe"

  8. Strawberry vanilla swirly shooters are really about this --> <-- close to being pure evil.

  9. Tawny is awesome. Her poise and good cheer in all situations is amazing. I'd like to learn how do to that, but I don't think I can be anything but scary anymore *grin.

  10. Hunny Bunny is awesome. Well I didn't really learn that yesterday, but the man continually surprises me. I must have done something really, really good in a past life, because I have done nothing in this one to deserve such a cool guy.

Oh, poker? I lost. Both games. But I was among friends and surrounded by laughter, so really, I think I won.


Not FOUR posts ago I was talking about what happens when I dick around with pocket aces. So what did I do in tonight's $10 WWdN#6 on Poker Stars???

Yah. I am a putz. A putz with a very short memory. Out in 81 of 91, for jumping on SirF's bandwagon, even though I was pretty sure he made trips...and yet I still clicked that all in button. Because hope springs eternal, and well, I could be wrong.

Of all the times NOT to be wrong, lol! And there's one more time I donate to Sir Waffle. Sigh. I am never going in a pot with him again...fold fold fold even if it's DQB's. (DQB = Dems Quads Beetches! Don't know where the meme started, but, like the HAMMER, it's become part of the poker blogosphere. I LIVE for the day when I can say it.)

And on a positive note, I did place in the money in tonights $1 tourney. Not all that high up mind you, 129th of 1101, but at least I got my buy in + some extra back. And trust me, the way my luck has been going in all the other areas of my life, winning $1.76 was enough to make me do a happy dance (Juliette, stop laughing).

And then later tonight is the Woman Poker Player magazine forum freeroll on Titan Poker. . So here's hoping....

If had the coin

Just been reading other poker blogs and again I'm hit with how much I want to join the other bloggers at the WPBT. If I had the coin, or even room on a credit card, I'd be flagging a cab to take me to the airport RIGHT FRICKIN' NOW.

Bad day? You betcha!


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